Prestashop PreOrder and Waiting List Module

Preorder Module

Prestashop PreOrder and Waiting List Module

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Pre-Order and Waiting List Prestashop Module gives your customers the liberty to preorder out-of-stock products by paying full or partial payment. Once the product is available the customer will get an email and they pay the remaining amount to complete the order. Instead of placing an advance order, they can also choose to subscribe to the waiting list and get an email notification when the product is back in stock.

  1. Enable PreOrder on any product or its combination/variation
  2. Enable / Disable Pre-Order & Subscription Options
  3. Enable Partial Payment Option for any Product
  4. Dynamic Partial Payment included
  5. Configure Partial Payment Amount in Fix or Percentage of Product Price
  6. Email Notifications to Buyers & Subscribers When Product is Back in Stock
  7. Display Countdown Timer
  8. Customize the Preorder and Subscription buttons
  9. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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The functionality of PrestaShop Pre-Order and Waiting List Module

Allow your customers to either pre-order or subscribe to the product waiting list using the Pre-order Prestashop Module and receive an email notification when the product is back in stock. The merchants can force users to either pay full payment for pre-order or they can pay a partial payment. When the product is back in stock the customer will pay the remaining amount and complete the order.

The merchants will have complete control over which product they want to put on pre-order and how he wants to divide the price for partial payment. The merchants can set the partial payment amount in fix or percentage and it can differ for each product. Admin can also set preorder option for all the products that are out of stock with a single click.

Check out video below for details:

Key Features of Pre-Order PrestaShop Module

  • Customers can preorder or subscribe to the waiting list
  • Put a product or its combinations on pre-order
  • Enable / Disable Pre-Order or Subscription Options
  • The merchants can take a full payment or partial payment for pre-order
  • Set Partial payment in fixed or percentage of product price
  • Customers can manage subscriptions from their accounts
  • Pre-Order Tab at the back office lists all the Pre-orders, where admin can view details like customers name, email, and if the notification has been sent out or not.
  • A waiting list tab allows merchants to see who has subscribed
  • Automatic email notifications to pre-orders customers & subscribers when product is back in stock
  • Each product can be enabled for preorder with following options: Allow countdown, data availability, and initial quantity.
  • Countdown is displayed on product page that will specify when the product will be available
  • Customize timer, buttons text and backgrounds
  • Notify button on product page is AJAX-based
  • Multi-store & Multi-Lingual
  • The administrator can set max number of Pre-orders for a product
  • When some product is low in stock, Admin will be warned
  • A popup will be shown to the user when the preordered products will be available
  • Dynamic Product Pricing feature added
  • Preorder products can be managed or added from a separate section in BO
  • Set multi-lingual preorder text for each product/variant
  • Option to add the partial or dynamic price as a percentage or amount
  • Added option to bulk enable/disable pre-orders from BO list

Learn more information about PrestaShop Pre order module by visiting the DEMO.

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