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PrestaShop Media Modules lets you add and mange audio, video, Youtube, MP3, MP4, Wav, banners, images and everything related to media on your website’s home page, product pages and inner pages. You can control the mind of people by utilizing power the power of media on your website. PrestaShop Modules for Media offer advanced features and as a website owner you can manage them without any problem. FME Modules lets you take a winning position by offering its Best Media Modules for PrestaShop.

  • PrestaShop Media Plugins offer low Cost Advertisement and Marketing channel
  • Make your site more tempting and exclusive by incorporating audio, videos, Google Maps and images.
  • Makes your website ‘sticky’, once customers visit your site they will likely to stay for longer.
  • Capture the emotions of people and sell your products effectively
  • Due to potential of our media modules your brand and products go viral quickly.

There are countless more features our PrestaShop Media Modules bring for you. For every one sale you miss you are losing hundred more sales, get all the sales at your doorstep with our media addons.

If you feel sometimes super and sometimes worried about the sales volume, FME PrestaShop Modules have incredible worth to be incorporated on your website. If you think you might be doing best then think for a while that are you doing what is required. To give you an example, consider Media Testimonials. By incorporating video testimonials you strengthen your marketing campaigns. Another use case would be using Events galleries providing event related information on your website such as images, videos. Make your store more innovative, get your copy right now!

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