PrestaShop Professional Banners | Responsive Banner and Image Slider

Prestashop professional banner

PrestaShop Professional Banners | Responsive Banner and Image Slider

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  • version PrestaShop
    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

PrestaShop Professional Banner module allows you to create attractive and professional banners for your website with extensive features and options to manage. Supports responsive banners, customizable image gallery slider, PrestaShop advertising block and many more valuable features.

  1. Create and display attractive Banners on anywhere on the website
  2. Create elegant image sliders 
  3. Multiple configuration options for sliders i.e speed, fade etc
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Click to visit our PrestaShop Professional Banner Module on PrestaShop Official Store.

Overview of Prestashop Professional Banner Module

The tactical features of Banner Slider PrestaShop Module allow the merchant to create advertising blocks with a slideshow of exciting images, captivate clients with image manipulation and enable ‘play and pause’ function for customer control. This provides a larger perspective to the customer for achieving understanding the product and the brand. Customers always require visual assistance to strengthen their choice of products. Image slider module helps customers by guiding them towards the products they have been searching for. The customer gets a clearer picture of the product with an elegant display of specifications and features in a slide of optimized images.

Key Features of PrestaShop Banner Slider Module

  • Display unlimited banners on your website at desired position
  • Around 30 positions included so that you can easily select where to display banners
  • You can select banner slider mode, Horizontal, Vertical, Fade.
  • Display Image Labels
  • Add banner slider on homepage, cms or product pages
  • Enable AutoPlay Slides
  • Play/Pause Buttons
  • Slide Margins
  • Hide Arrow Controls on End
  • Control Slide Speed
  • Pause For Next Slide (time)
  • Random Start of Slides (after the page refresh)
  • Infinite Loop of Slides
  • Pager(slides pagination)
  • Supported Pager Types
  • Full Short
  • Pager Short Separator (If pager type is short separator will be used( 3 of 6), Full Short
  • Multistore & Multilingual
  • Image labels can be displayed easily
  • Activate features such as Auto Play Slides
  • Primary function Buttons such as Pause/Play
  • Added new hooks for PS-1.7
  • Product Search added to select the display on specific product
  • Banners are now linkable.
  • Owl slider added, now user have a choice of two types of plugins
  • Additional options for owl plugin slider
  • Banners are now positionable from back-office by drag-drop
  • Text layers option added which are multi-language
  • Text Layers editable by dragging and selecting Font, font size, color, border, border color, padding
  • Font selection is possible by just writing the name of font available on your theme

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