Prestashop Checkout

To gain business leadership you have to take right steps at right time. FME PrestaShop Checkout Modules and addons lets you simplify and enhance your checkout process. These PrestaShop Checkout Plugins let you manage, customize and add new fields to your checkout process which are often required but not included in the default process. FME Modules has developed Top PrestaShop Checkout Plugins to provide result oriented solutions to PrestaShop community.
Key Benefits of FME PrestaShop Checkout Module

  • Reduce Cart Abandonments
  • Add custom fields to checkout steps
  • Strengthens customers confidence while purchasing products
  • Add/Remove Products to Cart without page reloads
  • Support latest PrestaShop versions, free lifetime support and upgrades

PrestaShop Modules for Checkout solves the final step which is required to convert a website visitor into a customer. When you have a visitor interested in your products, you can easily grab their enthusiasm by providing them features such as AJAX Add to Cart. What this does is actually enable them to add or remove any product to cart without page reloads. It means product is added to cart right then and there. This tool gives customers pleasant browsing experience to customers.
When you have added all the key features on your home page and you are successful in capturing a customer and taking him to checkout phase, the place where most of the transactions are dropped is this checkout phase. There can be too many reasons and Check out complexity is one of them. To help solve this problem you can use One Step Checkout PrestaShop Plugin. FME PrestaShop Checkout Addons and plugins increase your business influence and income. Our modules come with a solid architecture and clean code.
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