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FMEModules offers PrestaShop custom development solutions through a skillful team of coding enthusiasts. The team comprises industry expert programmers, designers, and UX consultants to make fruitful amendments to your business website.

Top 7 Programming Questions and their Answers about Countdown Timer and Flash Sales in PrestaShop

In the present age of competition, successful are those merchants who adapts the latest trends in their shops. These trends a basically a way to facilitate the customers more than your competitors. This is way to capture the user minds in such a way that they remember your shop due to some prominence or facilitation available on your store. One such facilitation or prominence is counter down timer and flash sales.

Top 5 Programming Questions and their Answers about Label Printing in PrestaShop

Although PrestaShop is very flexible platforms but there are some of the drawbacks that exists from the beginning of the shopping cart. One of such drawbacks is label printing for shipping purpose. When a merchant is receiving the order in the amount of 100 or even less, the manual process of printing label is tiresome. In manual printing, admin has to copy paste the information of the customers’ form back office and then paste it on the shipping packages.

Top 10 PrestaShop Configuration Issues and their Solution

PrestaShop is an open source shopping cart e.g. anyone with a knowledge of PHP, MySQL and CSS can make changes in it to adopt it for the own purpose. PrestaShop was started in 2007 and now it’s latest version 1.7x is usable on ecommerce stores. Users have reported that still 1.7x is still not stable as compared to 1.6x i.e. users are facing bugs and errors while configuration and tweaking. Therefore, being a reputed company in PrestaShop, FMEModules always recommend its customers to stay on 1.6x until more stability will be added to the 1.7x.

How to block and Ban Spam IP Addresses in PrestaShop – Top Programming Tips

Today the biggest threat for online stores is spammers and hackers. These people can harm your store in a drastic way. The simple loss of spam is overloaded servers that finally result in handing out your server and store will be down. The biggest losses may be any e.g. stealing out the credit card information and credentials of your customers or they can simply hack your store and can display any type of false information.

How to Make Some CMS Pages Private in PrestaShop - Top Programming Questions and Answers?

The idea that is now trending in the market is to hide the shop from general public i.e. they will only see a login page and they need to give the credentials to get into it. Some other merchants allow access to only certain pages of the store and blocking the rest. The idea is very useful for those shop owners who have a strong customer base with limited inventory. So they are allowing access to buy from the store to only their VIP users.

How to Upload files on Different page of PrestaShop - Top Programming Questions and Answers

The topic that we selected today for questions answers session is basically an advance functionality of PrestaShop and that is File upload option at different pages of PrestaShop. Being a merchant, sometimes you need to get some files from customers in the form of PDF, excel, video, MP3, JPEG or any of the other file format.

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop Product Quote in 2017

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop Product Quote in 2017

Some of the Top Question Answers about PrestaShop Product Quote in 2017 are given below in this post.

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop URL Redirect in 2017

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop URL Redirect in 2017

URL redirect has no become an essential task for most of the merchant. They need to redirect their shops for many of the purposes; • When a site needs maintenance, merchants have to redirect it to other domain for short period of time • When a store is completely shut down and shifter to another domain • When merchants want to redirect from http to https server • When merchants have to redirect non-www to www protocol. • When a merchants migrate from others shopping carts to PrestaShop

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop Product Customization in 2017

Top Question Answers about PrestaShop Product Customization in 2017

The latest trend that is followed by well versed shop owners in 2017 is to allow the customer to customize the products attributes by their own e.g. if customer is buying a shirt, he can insert a logo on it, write something, paste a picture or any style of designing on the shirt. All will be done by the customers and when all customization is done, he can submit it to the admin on the same product page. In result, the same thing will be delivered to the customers. As customers gets full control on their product, so they like to go to such store.