Prestashop Prices & Promotions

FMEs PrestaShop Price and Promotion Modules give you management tools through which you can lucratively offer discounts to your customers, manage promotions as well as configure your catalog pricing for certain events such as when products are out of stock. Here are some key features of PrestaShop Pricing Modules as well as PrestaShop Promotion Modules.

  • Display custom messages with products for certain events automatically such as when any product is out of stock and you have given back order, you can display “Will be back in Two days” etc.
  • Create, run and manage discounts and promotions with the help of automated rules such as on multiple purchases, social activity by customers etc.
  • Automatically generate coupon codes for users on certain events such as on liking your Facebook page etc.
  • Automatically apply product labels such as according to stock statuses
  • Increase your customers and brand awareness.

And much more….To enjoy the real taste of advertisement download our PrestaShop Modules for Prices and Promotions.

‘PrestaShop Price and Promotion Modules’ give your website something which makes it easy for customers to buy from your website. The reason is straight forward, because everybody loves discount and offers. Besides giving benefits to your customers, as a store owner you also get advantages. To give you an example consider adding PrestaShop addon for product page “Found a lower price, Tell us”, what this does is that it actually gives your customers option to inform you if someone else is offering same product in lesser price. The benefit goes to you and customer both, because you can customize your pricing strategy and your customer feels more comfortable and relaxed while shopping at your website and he is assured that you are ready to update your price.
Using FMEs PrestaShop Promotion Modules assures you assure customers that you have a clear vision, your store is backed with definite plan and you are willing to offer more. Don’t be late now and get your addon now!

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