Prestashop Content Management

PrestaShop Content Management Modules lets you add YouTube Videos, Category Banners, Custom Text, formsor banners anywhere on your webpage. Here are some of the fantastic things you can do with Content Management Plugins and Addons. Key features

  • Create Content Management blocks
  • Setup blogs and forum
  • Show social media updates, news and much more
  • Provide product documentation to customers on product pages
  • Setup events and display anywhere on your pages, implement guestbook and much more.

These are some of the features you are able to utilize by using Best PrestaShop Plugins for Content Management .FME Modules offer highly popular content management addons in its store. Talk to our experts for any inquiry or get your download immediately!

Why not build a great experience for customers, because it goes viral very quickly and it is the most powerful medium of advertisement. Imagine if you present Testimonials on your home page somewhere at the left , right or bottom. Testimonials can be of different types such as text, videos and images. What if you want to utilize their maximum power that is to show maximum testimonials on any page to make more convincing to visitors and to bring you closer to your target? In PrestaShop the most quick and easy way to do is to use CMS blocks, PrestaShop Modules for Content Management provides this functionality in a dynamic way.
You do not have to work any programming code, as an owner and administrator; you can create dynamic CMS blocks and place them anywhere. Similarly you can create and manage your News pages, blogs and forums all without falling into programming. These Advance tools provide each and every management feature which lets you just sit relaxed and work with just a few clicks. There is much more you can do with PrestaShop Content Management Modules.

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