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PrestaMobApp - iOS Native App Builder Prestashop

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FME Modules presents iOS-only version of its famous and top-rated app builder module PrestaMobApp. PrestaMobApp iOS Mobile App builder lets you have your very own iOS store app. Users will be able to download your store app from the Apple app store

  1. Fully functional iOS app offering your whole store on a mobile platform
  2. Users can do shopping, chat with admin, add products to a wish list, and a lot of more things
  3. Get your app in less than three working days without having any technical knowledge
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Click to visit our PrestaMobApp iOS Mobile App builder on PrestaShop Official Marketplace.

Mobile apps have become the backbone of the mobile operating system industry since the concept was first introduced by Apple. People can not imagine having a smartphone without apps. They need apps for everything from telling them time to managing their notes to fitness. They want a dedicated app for everything that is available on the internet. Even all big websites are now offering their own apps. Apps are more customizable and they also help in building a brand. If we look at eCommerce landscape all big companies i.e Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc have their own app. If you have an online store and want to take your marketing and branding to the next level, then the next logical step should be having your very own store app. An app that offers all the functionalities of Prestashop web store with additional benefits that are only available on mobile apps.  

Having an app installed on a customer’s device not only boosts the chances of a sale taking place but at the same time it builds your brand and customer loyalty. Gone are the days of email lists and email marketing where if by chance your email was not landed into the spam section of your customer then there was an even greater chance that he will not even open it. Now you can send targeted push notifications to your customers by using your app. Offer them special offers, sales, incentives, and he will be forced to see the notification, and if like he will go to your app and avail the said offer. This marketing strategy has the potential to revolutionize the digital marketing domain.

Now creating an app from zero takes a lot of time and resources. You need to hire a dedicated developer which can cost too much if you go for a well-reputed developer. Usually, it takes months to develop an app and even more up and running. PrestaMobApp – iOS app developer offers an excellent alternative; you can have your very own attractive and feature-rich app ready in less than 3 three days costing you a fraction of money. Our iOS app builder automatically builds your app which is directly linked and synced with your store. PrestaMobApp offers multiple shipping methods and payment gateways and if you want we can even add custom gateways for you.

Check out video below for details:


The demo app is also available on the android play store. You can search by name "PrestaMobApp", download and install to see it in action.

Supported Payment Methods

  • Paycomet
  • Nqoodypay
  • Mercadopago
  • Paypal
  • Payson
  • Mollie
  • Paystack
  • PayPlug
  • Yandex
  • Paytabs

Now Get Your App Without Writing a Single Piece of Code

One of the most amazing advantages of using PrestaMobApp - iOS App Builder is that you can have your app without writing a single line of code. Our app builder will automatically develop your store app.

Many Customization Options  

App developed by PrestaMobApp is fully customizable. There are options to change theme, color, images, sliders, logo, name, and layouts. It is up to you to choose how you want your store app to look.


PrestaMobApp has a Wishlist feature built into it. Users can add their favorite products to their wish list so that they can purchase them later.

Multiple Sorting Options

Users can sort products with various sorting filters. Filters offered include sort by A-Z, Z-A, Price Low to High, High to Low, etc

Supports Custom Shipping Methods

PrestaMobApp has multiple shipping methods built into it. If you need a shipping method that is not included by default you can contact us to have that shipping method custom added to your app. We will add one custom shipping method of your choice free of cost.

Supports Multiple Payment Gateways

Out-of-the-box app developed by PrestaMobApp - iOS app builder supports 10 payment gateways. This makes our app builder one of the most sought-after in the market. If you think you need any other payment gateway that is not on the list. no worries, we will develop and add one custom payment gateway of your choice free of cost.

Real time Update

PrestaMobApp directly syncs with your web store. Meaning every change that takes place on the website is updated on the app in real-time. If a person orders a product from website the stock change will be shown on app as well. If an order is placed from the app, the order will also be generated in the webstore and will be visible in the backend. This means that you will not need to update everything on the app and on the store separately. You need to take care of the database and stocks on the website only.

Offer Discount Vouchers on App

PrestaMobApp also supports discount vouchers and coupons. Give your mobile customers a special discount to entice them for further shopping.

Fully Responsive Mobile App

PrestaMobApp builds a very responsive iOS app that is suitable to be used on almost all screen sizes from smartphones to tablets. Yes, your app will also be fully optimized for tablets as well.

Fully Customizable Home Screen

Admin can change how its app's home screen looks. There are many customization options. You can have sections and subsections on your home screen showing New Products, Popular products, etc, have a category slider or an image slider on the top, show a banner in the middle of your home screen, and many more.

Customize Top Banners and Sliders

The banners and top sliders are fully customizable in PrestaMobApp. You can add your own images from the backend and can also link those images to other app pages i.e show an image having 50% off sale on selected products and link that image to the category where that sale is.

Push Notifications

One of the most powerful features offered by iOS Mobile App Builder is the support for push notifications. Admin can create a push notification from the backend in less than 10 mins. Add content and images to your notification and link them to your app pages. Send as many push notifications as you want.

Show Related Products on Product Page

PrestaMobApp offers related products functionally by default. Upsell your products by showing related products on your product page. Please note you need to buy our Related Product Module and install it on your website to avail this functionality.


Store Locator on Google Maps

PrestaMobApp offers the full functionality of the store locator module. Users will be able to see all your store locations on Google maps. Each store location will have its own page showing its location with other information such as timing, address, etc. Users will be able to search for products in the store. Please note you need to buy our Store Locator Module and install it on your website to avail this functionality.


Custom Registration Fields Supported

Admin can also show custom registration fields on the new registration fields. Admins can create as many new fields as they want. Get additional information from your customers such as their address, vat number, etc. Option to make fields mandatory and conditional as well. Please note you need to buy our Customer Registration Fields Module and install it on your website to avail this functionality.


Direct Messaging on My Account Section

Users can also directly interact with the shop owner by sending them a direct message. On the order page of my account section, users can send a direct message to the admin allowing them to ask questions, clarify anything they need.

Multi-Lingual Support

PrestaMobApp - iOS Mobile App Builder will build your app that has full multi-lingual support. This allows you to customize your app with your own native language.

RTL (Right to Left Support)

Some languages are written in right to left format especially languages spoken in the middle east. PrestaMobApp supports RTL meaning you can offer your app in those regions where these languages are used.

Features Offered by PrestaMobApp - iOS Native App Builder

  • Customize store logo, top slider, category slider, grid banners
  • Option to add images to slider and banner
  • Enable disable sections such as New Products, Popular Products, Best Sellers, On Sale
  • Option to customize theme color of the whole app
  • Option to make sliders clickable and linked to CMS, Category or product page
  • Option to change the position of different sections. Seven default positions to choose
  • Menu Bar list (Using default Menu Module)
  • Multiple sorting options available for users
  • Sorting filters added on product listing pages
  • Store locator added through the additional purchase of the module
  • Related Products added through additional purchase of the module
  • Custom Registration Fields added through the purchase of the additional module
  • Push notification system added with using Google Firebase API
  • Generate an unlimited number of Push Notifications
  • The push notification system can also include images
  • Wish list system introduced into the app
  • Contact us page added
  • Order messages block added in My account section
  • Registration Fields module by FME now compatible with the app
  • RTL support added for Arabic, Persian, Urdu etc languages.

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