Prestashop Price Calculator Module | Sell Products by Lenght, Width, Area

Prestashop Price Calculator

Prestashop Price Calculator Module | Sell Products by Lenght, Width, Area

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  • version PrestaShop
    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

If you are selling products on your store that require dimensions input from user i.e wallpapers, flooring tiles, etc, then the Prestashop Pricing calculator is a must-have module for you.

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Prestashop Pricing calculator takes input measurements from the user and then applies formulas to calculate the price based on length, weight, volume, area, etc. Pricing Calculator module lets you easily and efficiently sell variable size products. You can sell products on per-unit price instead, rather than selling products at a fixed price you can allow users to enter their own required and then our module will automatically calculate the exact price according to that size. Admin can also offer a special discount based on specific size measurement or can also charge extra for that measurement as well.

Prestashop pricing calculator also allows you to create custom variables as input and then you can also create your own custom formulas to calculate the price. For example, if you want to sell central cooling systems you can create variables such that length, width, height, depth and number of hours per day system is used. Then you can create a formula from back end which utilizes these inputs from the user to calculate the final price of the system i.e Cooling = 3.78*((L*W*H*D)+Hours)

Prestashop Price Calculator module lets you:

  • Sell products based on length(per meter, cm) i.e wires, pipes etc
  • Sell products by calculation of area(per sq meter) i.e flooring tiles, carpets etc
  • Sell Products by Weight(per gram, kg) i.e meat, fruits etc.
  • Sell Products by Volume(per cubic meter) such as Garden Mulch
  • Sell Liquids(litter, ml) such as Juices, Milk, Pure Water, Paint etc.
  • Sell products by creating custom formulas
  • Option to create custom variables for taking input from the user
  • Powerful formula calculator lets you create custom formulas to calculate your own specific pricing
  • Make input fields mandatory
  • Option to limit the input by a customer with a specific range
  • Offer different discounts based on minimum or maximum input size
  • Option to charge extra money on any input field
  • Option to select different units for input i.e meter and different unit for output i.e meter square
  • Set default values for any field
  • Box calculation - sell products based on per box pricing
  • Option to have predefined input values for user
  • Tool tip, hints with input variables
  • The Formula is visible properly in the product description
  • Listing page shows per-unit price (with enable, disable option)
  • Option for customer to add wastage in percentage
  • Better navigation improvements in BO
  • New Feature - Option to bulk copy settings of a product to other category or multiple items
  • New Feature - Multiple walls input formula added
  • New Feature - Improved User interface

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