Prestashop Advance Customer Wallet System | Prepayment and Discount Module

Prestashop Advance Customer Wallet System

Prestashop Advance Customer Wallet System | Prepayment and Discount Module

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  • version PrestaShop
    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

Prestashop Wallet System module is a full-fledged digital wallet system for your online store that gives your customers to deposit money in their digital accounts and then do purchasing using that deposited money.

  1. Customers can deposit money to their wallet using multiple payment methods
  2. Give your customers discounts on using Wallet System
  3. Customers can also request a withdrawal
  4. Order, Recharge and Withdrawal history in user accounts
  5. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Having a Digital Wallet on your online store is a growing trend in eCommerce sphere. This gives frequent buyers the option to deposit money in their account and when they have to make a purchase they do it using that deposited money. Prestashop Wallet System offers exactly these options.

Once installed it will create a digital wallet where users can deposit money using multiple payment methods. When a customer is about to make a purchase he will be shown "Pay through Wallet" in the payment section of the checkout process. If selected the order amount will be deducted from the user wallet. 

There is also an option for admins to offer discounts specifically for Wallet Purchases. This is a great way to increase user loyalty as once a user has added money to their wallet on your store it is highly likely that he will again shop the products from the store. 

The user account shows all the information regarding the Wallet system. Users can see the amount available and the amount they have spent. They can recharge their account using different payment methods and can also request a withdrawal. Withdrawal will only be initiated after the approval of admin from the back office. 

Another unique feature is that the admin can also allow negative balance. A negative balance means if the amount in the wallet is less than the cart value, users will still be able to complete the purchase and the amount will be added to their wallet in negative. Admins can select the limit for the negative balance.

Features of Customer Wallet System Module:

  • Allows users to pay from their digital wallet
  • Dedicated wallet button on top of the webpage
  • User Account showing all the information from transaction history to recharge and withdrawal requests
  • Users can also see order history from their account for the purchases they have done using wallet
  • Option to set the minimum limit for the recharge amount
  • Gives users discounts if they complete a purchase using Wallet
  • Discount is given in the form of a percentage of the total cart value
  • Option to allow negative balance and set a limit for it
  • Option to select statuses for approval of recharge or cancellation
  • Option to approve or disapprove recharge requests
  • Option to approve or disapprove withdrawal requests and send a direct message explains the reason
  • New Feature: Display the discount before the payment process
  • New Feature: Update summary on order page if wallet method is chosen
  • New Feature: Administrator can add fixed amount discounts
  • New Feature: Email sent to user once any change in wallet amount

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