PrestaShop Media Gallery Module | Video Gallery

Prestashop Video Gallery

PrestaShop Media Gallery Module | Video Gallery

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    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

If you need to have a website that provides online image or video albums then this page is perfectly fit for you. PrestaShop Video Module gives you a separate landing page on your website, dedicated to Image and Video gallery. Create video categories, upload videos to them manually or from popular social platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. See detailed features below.

  1. Creates a Separate Video Gallery page
  2. Display videos under different categories
  3. Upload or Embed Videos
  4. Enhance user experience
  5. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Overview of Prestashop Media Gallery - Image and Video Module

Media Gallery is a top Prestashop Media Gallery Module that allows you to create perfect video streaming websites or a Photo / video gallery on your website. Create online video albums; categorize them for user convenience and all that with extreme comfort. Each category can have its own Meta information for search engines. Users can upload videos manually from their PC to create a video gallery or they can embed it from Youtube, Vimeo or any URL.

Features Offered by Prestashop Image Gallery Module

  • Create unlimited video categories. Each category has its own description and Meta information for SEO purpose
  • Customizable Media Gallery landing page. You can configure Meta information, number of videos on a page, sorting order and text limit
  • Pagination and sorting is supported, in case of too many categories horizontal scrolling is enabled automatically
  • You can select which category or video should appear on the front page
  • Video pages can have text and thumbnails. You can embed video from Youtube, Vimeo or upload manually
  • Configurable Video popup window such as height, width, and autoplay settings.
  • Configurable featured video block is supported, you can customize it for a maximum number of videos to be shown in this block, block type, and title, slider effect, slider timeout, and pagination.
  • New Theme added - With Extra Filters
  • New Images functionality added with blocks left/right
  • New Friendly URL added which is also editable
  • Responsive view added for mobile devices
  • Multi-store
  • Multilingual

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