Brands Scroller

Brands Scroller

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    v1.5.x - v1.7.6.4

Brands Scroller is a free PrestaShop Module which enables you to display brands on home page in a scroller. This scroller is placed on home content and brands are shown with images. By default PrestaShop does not display images with brands and also does not show them on home content. Get more premium features in our PrestaShop Shop by Brands.

Overview of Prestashop Brands Scroller Module

This PrestaShop Brands Module displays brands in a scroller on home page within home content. The default functionality is not like this, instead by default these brands are displayed in form of list and not in the home content. Secondly these brands are displayed with images and that is another cool functionality which is not present by default in PrestaShop.  Here are the key benefits you get by using this tool on your website;

Key Benefits:

  • Since merchants feel pride in advertising their products under their brand name, you are promoting them actually.  And those brands which are famous will yield more sales for you because brand lovers will be able to directly reach out to their desired products.
  • Brands show strong identity, products advertised with no identity will lack much interest of people
  • Many people would have heard about famous brands and they would like to search for their products. By using this tool you are giving them an easy way to get to these products
  • It’s a free tool, you do not have to pay anything
  • One click installation and 100% stable

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