Prestashop Auction Module Pro - Online Auctions and Bidding

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Prestashop Auction Module Pro - Online Auctions and Bidding

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PrestaShop Auction Module offers an easiest way of running product auctions on your Prestashop store. Allow your customers to place bids and manage all their bids from "my accounts". Email alerts for admin and bidders when someone places a higher bid.

  1. Creates a Separate Auctions Listing Page
  2. Add any product to auction
  3. Allow Customers to Place Multiple Bids
  4. Display highest bid upfront
  5. Set a reserve price, bid start and end time
  6. Multi-Store & Multi-Lingual
  7. Popup Bidding and Fake Bidding system added
  8. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Overview of Prestashop Auction Module

PrestaShop bidding module offers the easiest and fastest way to run an auction website and sell products on auction. Easily create auctions, set min and max price, reserve price, time duration, and edit these settings at any time. Your customers can follow auctions to receive alerts such as when a new bid is placed. Similarly, alerts are sent out to all the bidders when a higher bid is placed by anyone and when someone wins.

Customers can view and track their bid status from their accounts. Once the auction countdown timer has expired, winners are notified by alerts as well as they can proceed to checkout from their accounts. Similarly, admin can manage auctions and bids from the back office. Auctions summary and details including bid history is available at the back office of this PrestaShop auction product from where admin can mark any bid as valid or invalid.

For detail understanding of module, watch our product video below:

Prestashop Auction Pro Module offers many advance features including:

  • Popcorn Bidding

Popcorn bidding when enabled will increase the count down time by a specified time if the bid is placed at the last moment. This feature makes sure that every bidder has ample time to place a bid. 

  • Fake Bidding

Admin can also use fake bidding to entice customers to bid more on an item. Admin can set the max and min bid price with intervals from the backend and bids will be placed accordingly. 

  • Auto Bidding

Auto Bidding option allows your customers to auto bid on an item whenever a higher bid is placed by the rival. 

Key Features of PrestaShop auction and bidding module:

  • A dedicated auction page is created
  • Auction link is added to the menu
  • Manage countdown timer and fix minimum and maximum price
  • Auctions based on combination and simple formats are supported.
  • Add starting / reserve price for each product,
  • Admin can set the bid as valid or invalid with discretion whenever required
  • Bidders are auto notified each time a new bid is made or a winner is announced on an occasion
  • Following and bidding is allowed for logged in customers.
  • Customers can access different sections from their accounts such as ‘bid history’, ‘won auction’ and ‘watch list’.
  • Auctions allow real time counter
  • Orders can be placed through product page of Winners accounts.
  • Multi-store feature added
  • Added SOLD and CLOSED auction labels for customers / bidders.
  • Add cron job to delete products of finished auctions after a specific time.
  • Option to have an Add to cart Price – Instead of going through the auction process, customer can pay a price to buy product instantly.
  • Option to display auctions on home page
  • Auto refresh auction data (If 5 people are viewing your product and one them bids, the bid amount will update for rest of the 4 users immediately without any page reload)
  • Popcorn bidding added
  • Creates a bidders’ page (one can also bid from bidders page and refresh bids just like eBay)
  • Add “Follow” option on auction product page
  • Enable/Disable follow button
  • Option to display number of followers on product page
  • Option to display number of bidders on product page
  • Send Alert email to winner manually from Back office
  • Show/Hide Highest/Starting price
  • Show/Hide won/sold products from auctions listing page
  • Show/Hide closed Auctions
  • Fake robot bidding system added
  • Set minimum price to start fake bidding
  • Set maximum price to end fake bidding
  • Mark an auction as featured (only featured auction will be displayed on home)
  • Added Grid view (admin can change grid/listing view from config)
  • Set number of featured auctions to be displayed
  • Set multi-lingual cover image for auction page
  • Allow/Disallow winner from bidding until he purchases the won product
  • Updated User Account page showing all info on single page
  • Showing Add to cart price on product page
  • Fake bidding option to specify time intervals.
  • Option to ban users from bidding
  • Auto Bidding for Users
  • Option to restrict the customer for further bidding until he makes a won auction purchase
  • Option for the winner to buy products during a specified time
  • Option to set the minimum sold price, bid will only end when the amount reaches this amount
  • Message for the banned users to inform them why they have been banned
  • Hide the Add to cart button
  • Hide Product Fixed Price
  • Add category based bulk products to auction
  • Reset auction after its closed

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