Prestashop Custom Checkout Fields Module

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Prestashop Custom Checkout Fields Module

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Add new fields on checkout/order page by using Prestashop Custom Checkout Fields module. You can add different type of fields like Text field, text area, date, yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, checkbox, radio button, and display message only. Our checkout fields module supports conditional fields as well. Assign Fields to Specific products and show them on checkout only when the particular product is in cart.

  1. Add multiple custom fields in checkout
  2. Add on any checkout step & also set its position
  3. Text, Drop-down, Multiple-Select & 7 other Field Types
  4. Conditional fields type option
  5. Store field in database, show in admin order, customer account
  6. Option to show fields in email, invoice PDFs & Delivery Slips
  7. Works well with One Page Checkout Module
  8. GDPR Complaint
  9. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.
  10. Multi-Lingual, Multi-Store Supported

Our PrestaShop Custom Checkout Fields Module is one of the top-rated modules on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace with over 60 reviews and 3,000 downloads. Click to visit our PrestaShop Checkout Fields Module on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

Key Functionality of Prestashop Custom Checkout Fields Module

PrestaShop Custom Fields plugin by FME allows you to collect additional information from customers during checkout or display any important message. Merchants can collect this information for multiple purposes like to offer more related products in the future, to personalize user experience, or to collect special information required for processing orders like asking for previously held licenses.

Each custom attribute has its own advantages e.g. the message-only field allows your customers to display a custom message for the merchant while placing an order. The checkbox and radio buttons can be used to understand customer behavior and much more.

One of the most powerful features is the conditional field. Conditional fields correspond to the input of the customer to show the next fields i.e If the user selects "Yes" in the field named Vat Number then a new field will be automatically shown allowing the user to enter the vat number. If he selects "No" then the field will not appear. Admin can also create different sections with each having its own heading and fields using Prestashop Custom Fields module.

Check out video below for more details:

Key Features of PrestaShop Custom Checkout Fields Module:

  • Add unlimited fields to the checkout page.
  • No limit on fields for checkout pages
  • The supported fields include a text field, multi-select, date, text area, Yes/No, radio button, check box, a message only and drop-down.
  • Automatic validation for field data
  • Option to set default values for fields
  • The placement of fields can be set by admin
  • Drop-down menus can be added in checkout options
  • Fields can be shown in admin and customer accounts
  • You can make the field optional or mandatory
  • The additional fields are shown in a grid to the admin
  • File Attachment field
  • Make fields non-editable once filled by the customer
  • Show fields when specific products are in the cart
  • Enable/Disable fields to display in email
  • Enable/Disable fields to display in PDF Invoice
  • Enable/Disable fields to display in Delivery Slip
  • Compatible with Prestashop GDPR Module
  • Create Conditional / Dependable Fields
  • Restrict fields by customer groups
  • Feature to translate the titles of the options added
  • Assign Field to whole category (Display field only when the customer has a product in the cart from assigned category)
  • PrestaShop additional fields at checkout plugin supports multi-store

Check the demo for more details of this PrestaShop Custom checkout fields module.

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Frequently Asked Questions (1)

  • May i know in back office where will the value display that input by user? Will it display in the individual order?

    Yes each value will be displayed on order detail page in Back office. Also values are displayed on invoice PDF.

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