Why is Prestashop One of the Best eCommerce Platforms?

Posted On: Aug 2, 2022

Categories: Marketing

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There are numerous eCommerce platforms available in the market. How do you know which eCommerce platform is the best for your business? If you ask a WordPress web design company, they will say that WordPress is the best. If you ask a Prestashop development company, they will side with Prestashop. In most cases, they give very unconvincing reasons to support their opinion. The last thing you want to hear as a business is a biased opinion. Therefore, we decided to list the top reasons that make Prestashop one of the best eCommerce platforms.

Simplistic Design

The best thing about Prestashop is its simplistic design. There are numerous eCommerce platforms that complicate their design, making it difficult for the business owner to manage the store and customers to navigate it. Prestashop is an exception as its minimal and simplistic design gets the job done. The platform is ideal for social media and mobile phones, meaning that customers can buy from your store with ease.

Open Source

Various eCommerce platforms charge you for minor changes or don't allow them. The beauty of Prestashop is that it is open source. In other words, there is no need to worry about entangling yourself in proprietary licenses and other similar issues. If you want to change anything, all you need to do is seek an expert Prestashop development company and you are set. The experts will customize every aspect of your store, making it unique.

Easy Setup

One common problem among most eCommerce platforms is that they require too many third-party apps and extensions. In other words, you cannot set up a fully functioning eCommerce store without them. Unfortunately, in some cases, these apps or extensions are not free to use. So, you must pay separately for them. If you run into trouble with them, technical support can be a hassle. Luckily, Prestashop is a one-stop eCommerce platform that enables business owners to set up an eCommerce platform without buying any third-party app or extension. For example, Prestashop allows you to share your products across social media, set up email campaigns, and create coupons for special events with in-built functionality.

Multi Support

Another Prestashop standout feature is its multi-support. You can add multiple languages and currencies without advanced coding or premium extensions.Prestashop supports more than 75 languages, with more in the pipeline. The whole purpose of eCommerce is to gain a foothold into new markets, including overseas. Without multi-language and currency support, your eCommerce store will be confined to a single territory. There is no requirement for any manual intervention. The store will detect the visitor’s IP and then change the store accordingly.If you want to make a blogging site to provide the best quality content related to web design or any other tech field, you can make use of Prestashop because you can make stunning blogs with several modules.

Payment Processors

Customers need multiple payment options for the best experience. Prestashop is compatible with over 250 payment processors, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe. The benefit of numerous payment processors is that it boosts your store’s approval rating. Imagine a customer putting multiple products in the basket and then proceeds to checkout only to find out that their desired payment processor is not supported.

Strong Online Community

Another reason that most web development companies prefer Prestashop is its strong online community. If you require any help, there are countless Prestashop dedicated forums. The developer community will answer your query in no time and help you resolve the problem instantly.

Various Themes & Templates

Prestashop offers numerous plugins you say prestashop labels, custom registration fields, themes and templates that allow you to customize your store’s front-end to your liking. Suppose you sell gym apparel. Undoubtedly, you will have countless competitors. One way to differentiate your store from the others is through a unique and responsive store design. With the help of numerous themes and an expert Prestashop development company, give your store a unique look.

Good Support

Another key factor that one must consider when selecting an eCommerce platform is technical support. Prestashop provides top-quality technical support and documentation to help you address any problem. Everything is available on Prestashop’s official website, meaning you don't have to waste time finding the relevant support document.


This concludes why Prestashop is one of the best eCommerce platforms. Numerous other reasons make Prestashop a worthy investment for your store, including mobile friendliness and easy back-end management. Therefore, we highly recommend Prestashop for your eCommerce store.