Top 10 Essential Elements for Landing Page Design

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Categories: Marketing

An e-commerce landing page is a lot more than couple of description paragraphs about product or service which you sell. If you wish to be successful with your e-retail business, you have to look beyond the covering.

Your conversions rate and profitability largely depends upon your landing page optimization. Filling it with lot of pictures or in depth descriptions can cause your clients to leave your store within seconds.

Importance of a landing Page

The majority of business owners who do not understand the importance of landing pages of products and services continue to concentrate only on the home page. But, some others that are running marketing campaigns use their products and services pages to increase their conversions. They give more focus to inner pages of their website as compared to home page and results shows that they are going in the right direction.

Now question arises in our mind that which elements lead to the most reliable landing page? Is an Excellent Landing Page achievable or not? Precisely what are the necessities of an e-commerce shop?

This content will provide you an outline of best 10 ideas which are helpful for efficiently improving your landing pages.

Top 10 Essential Elements

Essentials of a web-based store comprises of comprehensive product or service information along with quality photographs with suitable web page headings and many other things. Given below are the top 10 essentials for a perfect landing page.

  1. Attractive Heading or Title

Heading is the stuff from where all the explanation gets started. It should target the customer’s attention, consideration, and comprehension. It is the initial and most important part of a landing page. Here’s the main purpose of heading is:

  • The heading should grab the customers’ attention.
  • The heading tells the end user that what you want to sell on the landing page.
  • It must be brief ideally comprising of 10 words.
  1. Effective Subheading

While the heading gives a view of the product, sub-headline need to inspire them to stay on the page.

  • Usually, the sub-heading is placed instantly below the primary heading.
  • The sub-heading must have a number of convincing components. You have to mention the idea of the title in the sub-heading and focus it further in the sub-heading.
  • The sub-heading goes deeper and finer than the primary heading.
  1. Photos

Human brain scans photos 60,000 times quicker than text. You can instantly influence a person with relevant photos on your landing page.

  • The photos should be bigger in size.
  • In case you are retailing physical merchandise, it is important that your landing page include a picture of the product. The pictures should be relevant to the product. Also you can add stickers and labels to the product image to attract viewers attention. If you are owning Prestashop store then you can add labels and stickers using Prestashop Product labels module.
  • Ensure the photos are of high quality.

If you are going to sell your products on an e-commerce Magento store, then you can manage and place photo albums on your landing pages with ease by using plugin like Magento Photo Gallery.

  1. Comprehensive Description

In case the site visitors doesn’t know what the product or service is related to, you’ve dropped them. A description is very crucial for product understanding. The perfect description is the one that is to the point and simple.

  • Your description may incorporate the heading or may be different.
  • Your description may incorporate different components: 1) your heading, 2) your sub-heading, 3) your photos, 4) another paragraph.
  • Explanation needs to be benefit-oriented. It should focus the benefits of the product or service.
  1. Minimize Menu options

Use minimum number of menus on the landing page. Try to show stuff on a single page so that users have no need to search for his desired information in menus. When users have to click on more options, there are possibilities that visitor will leave the site.

  1. Logical Flow

Your content must follow a logical flow which will be easily understandable by the visitors. Explain the things in a logical way. Explain the most compelling things in the start and then go ahead with further details.

  1. Trustworthy Testimonials

A landing page’s feedback is among vital elements of a landing page. A customer can realize from the testimonials that they can trust on the product or not. A reliable statement from exiting customer can help building trust in customer’s mind.

  • Display testimonies from genuine individuals. Get testimonies from people who are most relevant to the audience.
  • Be sure to use image testimonials. Photos are the keystone of trust in testimonies. If you have a PrestaShop store, then by default there is no option to include image testimonials, however you can use an external module e.g. PrestaShop image upload module that allows the customers to upload/submit real images of the product on your landing pages.
  • Testimonies should be unique and must be supported by phone numbers, real information, and others details.
  1. Contact Details

A landing page must contain contact detail of the merchant including phone number, physical address, email address and a contact form. This will ensure the customers that company is real. Some companies also use live chat option. That is also help to clarify several issues of the customers.

  1. Guarantee

At the end, give guarantee to the customers about the product services. Use “Money Back Guarantee” Life Time support, Free Upgrades and such other options to peruse the customers for buying a product.

  1. Call to Action

This is the most important element of all as this element triggers a customer buy a particular product. Call to action must follow the following rules;

  • It should be easily visible on the landing page.
  • Use a button for call to action. Slightly bigger in size is recommended.
  • Don’t use terms like submit or similar. Use Download, buy and other terms that are more compelling.
  • Call to action buttons should follow a proper color scheme. Probably it should be contrast colors so that it will look different from others.


A landing page is the place wherein all the effort goes to end and you get results. This is the area where customers decide about purchasing product. Some things that I didnt mentioned but goes without saying is SEO. Make sure you have modules like URL Cleaner or URL Redirects installed and are working properly. 

You may produce an effective and high-converting landing page by applying all of the above elements. As soon as you’re completed don’t stop over there and keep enhancing. The journey to produce a perfect landing page never ends.