Prestashop URL Redirect Module 301 302 303

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Prestashop URL Redirect Module 301 302 303

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    v1.6 - v1.7 - v8.x

PrestaShop Redirect Module is developed for your ease, it forwards the customers to right page by setting multiple 301, 302 and 303 redirects. It is a mandatory tool for moving to another domain or making changes to the URL without loosing customers and SEO rankings. Redirection PrestaShop module allows you to add URL redirection in bulk by importing a CSV file.

  1. Remove 404 errors
  2. Add 301, 302 & 303 redirection
  3. Add bulk redirection by importing CSV file
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Key Functionality of Redirect PrestaShop Module

Redirect PrestaShop module is loaded with the features of forwarding your valued customers to a page they intend to visit. The poor management of web pages and URLs may result in a decrease in traffic and search engine ranking. This PrestaShop redirection plugin provides a management panel for connecting new URLs to the old ones so that you never miss a visitor coming through the old URL.

To save time in setting bulk redirections, the module allows you to import the details in a CSV file. The same can be downloaded to have a backup of all settings. Managing the URLs and traffic flow is quite easy with the edit and delete options.

Check out video below for details:

Key Features of PrestaShop Redirect Module:

  • You can add unlimited 301,302 and 303 redirects.
  • Choose the Redirect trigger as htaccess or controller depends on your server permissions
  • Modify or delete a redirect
  • Delete in bulk
  • You can import redirects in bulk from a CSV file.
  • You can export them as well in a CSV file
  • Redirect 404 (Page Not Found) to either home page or to any selected CMS page of your choice.
  • Report of conflicting URLs and 404s
  • Import/Export of conflicting URLs report
  • Multi Store
  • Multilingual

Manage Web Traffic and Rankings

  • By setting redirections, you can serve customers who have saved an old URL of your business website, which means no loss of customers.
  • You can also redirect search engines, so that they do not rate you low in rankings for not finding a page for the URL they visit.
  • You can set redirections in bulk with a simple file upload that saves your time and ensure traffic on relevant pages.

Improved SEO

  • You can establish a brand without worrying about SEO rankings, because search engines rank you higher by passing the link power from the old URLs.
  • The enhanced SEO rankings give you more exposure to facilitate old as well as new customers by connecting the URLs.

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