PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder - A Trust Factor That Helps Recovering Lost Sales & Customers!

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

By 2020, UK online retailers will earn £28billion from the international markets, according to the recent research by Retail Empire of Britain. The dark side of climbing up sales is that about 84% site visitors leave the site before completing the purchase. Such a high shopping cart abandonment rate is causing retailers the loss of billions of dollars. Now, the first question is

Why Customers Leave Before Checkout?

Here are the possible reasons:

  • High cost including the shipping

  • Hunt for the best deal

  • No trust with the e store

  • Complicated checkout process

  • Payment issue at checkout

Solution: Abandoned Cart Reminder

The solution of this problem is sending the abandoned cart reminder to the customers. Almost 20% of the retailers included in Internet Retailers 500 have an active customers' follow-up email system. Such a system has helped a shoe retailer in recovering 24.33% of the lost sales and increasing the revenue by 5.48%/month. They were previously having 67% cart abandonment rate.

FME’s PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder: Simple Plugin For Complicated Task!

It’s no more a hectic task to send automated or customized emails to the cart abandoners as a simple plugin to the existing ecommerce shop can do the magic. FME has launched its magical product, PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Reminder to help e storeowners in building trust with the customers and recovering the lost sales. Get feedback from the customers about why they abandoned the cart and offer incentives of coming back to the cart to complete the deal.

Main Features Of The Plugin:

  • Send as many follow up emails as you want

  • Attach coupons with the follow up email

  • Use tailored content in the email to appeal the customers

  • Use images in the abandoned cart email

  • Mention cart summary in the email

  • Give follow up email an attractive title

  • Manage the abandoned cart emails easily

  • See a decline in cart abandonment rate

  • Experience improvement in website conversion rate

  • Attract customers with a caring attitude

How To Make Cart Reminder Email Effective?

Here are given some ideas to go with while using abandoned cart reminder.

Use a live address for the email: The cart abandonment reminder should be from a live address, from a real person, and may include the picture of the person in the email signature. Make it sure that a real person is dealing with the customers’ queries to avoid any inconvenience.

Tell customers how to contact: Do include clear contact details in the abandoned cart reminding email. Provide them with a toll-free number to contact immediately. An important reason of cart abandonment is customers couldn’t get the right answer at the right time. The customer care representative should have record of customer concerns and share with the staff.

Talk in live environment: Invite customers to have a live chat with experts. If customers come to know they have someone to deal with their serious concerns, they will think about coming back. Design a special landing page, dedicated for live chat with the cart abandoners.

Offer incentives: The email reminder can be made attractive by offering incentives to the cart abandoners. These offers could be in the form of discounts, a big appeal for the customers to come back, complete the deal, and even shop more.

Invite for a survey: Use abandoned cart reminder email as an invitation for the customers to fill a survey form. Ask them about giving you the feedback, which will make them realize how much you care. In other way, such a feedback will help you improve your ecommerce site performance.

Nothing Is Bigger Than Building Trust!

For any ecommerce business, trust factor is an integral success ingredient. Same is the purpose behind developing the PrestaShop abandoned cart reminder module by FME. It doesn’t just meant to invite customers back and complete the checkout process, but to build trust with them, cope with any flaws in the system, and of course to improve the website performance. Using this plugin, you can send follow-up emails either manually or automatically. So, customize the emails with unique and compelling content and images to target special customers. Let them feel how much serious you are in your business and in maintaining good customer relations.

Use the PrestaShop abandoned cart module and share your experience!