Top 7 Essential Modules After Migrating On PrestaShop

Posted On: Sep 14, 2018

Categories: Marketing

After switching on PrestaShop Ecommerce platform, all you need is to make the online shop workable. For that purpose, it necessitates deployment of those plugins, which are productive as well as attractive. Such type of modules should not only capable to grab attention of viewers, but also provide extended features on online store. With the evolution of several wonderful PrestaShop add-ons, extended features can be easily achieved due to the efforts of individual contributors.

Keeping the need of newly migrated users on PrestaShop, we are suggesting five essential modules, which not only can glorify their online store, but also these extensions can increase the usability, enhance shopping experience and raise the no. of loyal customers on PrestaShop store.

  1. One Step Checkout:

If you don’t want to lose your client just because of lengthy checkout process, then you should make it short through by using checkout addon in PrestaShop. The plugin is simply customizable and helps in making checkout interface engaging that eventually prevents client from shopping cart abandonment.

Core Features:

The add-on has following features:

  • The plugin avoids page reloads that eventually prevents data loss.
  • The store admin can customize information, style, color and layout that make checkout page appealing & user friendly for purchasers.
  • The extension supports other features such as guest checkout, multiple addresses support, signup on same checkout page, cart detail display, client & owner chat support on checkout page etc.
  1. Pretty URLs:

If you want to make URL of online store pages dynamic, user as well as search engine friendly so that they get quickly indexed in search engines, then PrestaShop Ids and number remover is the perfect extension for your newly established online store.

Core Features:

Here are some basic features of the plug-in:

  • The add-on dynamically eliminates auto-generated numbers, tags and session IDs from URL, and replaces the address with relevant name of page.
  • The plug-in automatically redirects navigation from non-user friendly URLs to clean and pretty URLs.
  1. Product Tabs:

If you want to organize products description showing links, images, videos and textual information in the form of tabs to appeal clients, then it is advised to use extra product tabs PrestaShop plugin that boosts conversions on the product pages. The add-on helps in establishing tabs that are useful in presenting extra product details in ordered manner.

Core Features:

Basic attributes of extension are as follows:

  • The module can be used to create variety of tabs likewise testimonials, reviews, videos, FAQs etc.
  • The plugin supports WYSIWYG editor that makes data manipulation easy.
  • The other supported features are enable/disable tab feature, easy configuration and user-friendly quick view of tab content from backend.
  1. Product FAQs:

Do you want to setup a plugin that enables you to organize user queries and their answers on product pages? Presta Product FAQ is the right choice that allows you to establish frequently asked questions on product pages rather than utilizing separate FAQ page. The plugin supports several advance features such as ratings, FAQ search, commenting and threaded views etc.

Core Features:

The add-on retains following features:

  • The plugin support accordion view and allow customers to post questions whether in the form of popup or sliding whatever type of selected by moderator, without navigating to contact us page.
  • A webmaster can take benefit of configurable meta information, threaded view, rating, like/unlike, portability, question sorting, commenting, FAQ search and user group based configuration access.
  1. Advance Testimonials:

Do you really believe in freedom of speech? Then make customers speak out truth about your products that are helpful in convincing more clients by making them share their user-friendly experience about commodities through customer feedback extension. A PrestaShop store moderator can setup, manage and display wide range of testimonial features offered by module.

Core Features:

An advance testimonial plugin has following attributes:

  • The module shows certain words of testimonial and displays ‘read more’ link in case if viewer wants to read the whole testimonial.
  • The extension allows establishment of form labeling ‘Add Testimonial’ that opens into sliding or popup interface. The testimonial form incorporates four custom fields necessary in capturing the desired information.
  • The testimonial plugin contains following additional features testimonial pagination, image support, group permissions for testimonial posting, testimonial customization, testimonial page themes and email configuration settings.
  1. Prestashop Registration Module:

With the PrestaShop Registration Module, you can add a variety of elements to the registration form for new signups, including text fields, multiple choice fields, dropdown menus, fields for uploading files and photos, dependent fields, and more. With only a few clicks, site owners will be able to add more custom fields of their choosing to the registration page to get more information about their consumers.

Core Features:

  • You can add unlimited fields
  • You can add customer address field
  • You can drag a field and place anywhere you want
  • You can also add file and image upload field
  • You can easily enable/disable fields from back office
  1. Prestashop Label and Stickers:

With the PrestaShop Product Labels module, you can add multiple text label and stickers to your product images for a better understanding of the viewers. The module helps you to pass important information about your product to the customers in a brief and appealing way.

Core Features:

  • You can add text labels
  • You can add image stickers
  • You can create rules to add stickers
  • You can add start and end date for the rules
  • You can add text banners on product pages
  • You can add different label for listing and detail page

We hope that you will like the suggested plugins as they are helpful in reducing store administration complexities of PrestaShop website merchants and enhancing shopping experience of users. Please feel free to express your views about the suggested modules.