A Guide to Sell by Weight, Length, and Area in PrestaShop

Posted On: Sep 21, 2023

Categories: Marketing

Even a versatile platform like Prestashop needs extra tools and add-ons to tap into its full potential in e-commerce. You must set yourself free from the conventional norms to earn more flexibility in selling.

Flexibility in selling isn’t just a buzzword but a game changer that meets the diverse needs of your customers. Your customers seek products sold by weight, measured by length, or calculated by area.

Such flexibility isn’t about accommodating your customer’s preferences but creating a powerful strategy to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

We will walk you through this comprehensive guide to tell you about the intricate details of configuring your Prestashop store for weight-based selling, length-based selling, and area-based selling.

We'll explore the intricacies of setting up your store, adding products with precise measurements, and mastering the art of shipping and fulfillment in these unique scenarios.

So, fasten your seatbelt, and let's unravel the world of selling by weight, length, and area in PrestaShop.

Setting Up Your PrestaShop Store

When it comes to selling in your PrestaShop store, mastering the art of weight-based selling is a savvy move. It all begins with enabling those weight units. This simple step unlocks a world of possibilities for your product listings.

Adding weight information to your products is where the magic starts. It's like giving your products a voice, allowing them to tell customers exactly how much they weigh. No more guesswork.

But what about shipping? That's where calculating shipping costs by weight becomes a game-changer. It streamlines the checkout process, ensuring your customers get accurate shipping rates based on the weight of their orders.

Now, let's switch gears to Prestashop Price by length based selling. Enabling length units is your first step here. It's like giving your products a ruler, so they can tell customers their precise measurements.

Adding length information to products is crucial, especially when you're dealing with variable-length items. Customers want to know if that curtain rod is 3 feet or 6 feet. Don't leave them guessing.

Lastly, we dive into area-based selling. Enabling area units is essential for products that cover space. Whether it's flooring or fabric, customers need to know how much area they're getting.

Adding area information to products is straightforward. And for products with variations based on area, you're in control. You can make sure customers can choose the size that suits their needs.

In this brave new world of flexible selling, mastering these aspects with the PrestaShop Price Calculator at your side will set you up for success. It's time to make your store stand out with precise measurements and tailored shipping.

The Powerful Plugin to sell by weight, length, and area

Prestashop has a variety of different best addons that make a smooth selling experience on both ends. Let me introduce Dynamic Product Price Calculator that is an incredible tool for online sellers. It’s a secret weapon to conquer the intricate world of selling by weight, length, and area.

Let's dive into why it's the best tool for the job.

The Dynamic Product Price Calculator is a best tool to create custom variables that allow users to input their specific requirements. Whether it's the length of fabric, weight of produce, or area of flooring, your customers can tailor their orders precisely. With this incredible addon, you're in control.

But it doesn't stop there. This plugin boasts a powerful formula calculator. It gives you the flexibility to create custom pricing formulas. Say goodbye to rigid pricing structures. Now you can calculate your own specific pricing based on user inputs.

And if you think you want to make certain fields mandatory. Then no problem at all. The dynamic pricing calculator allows you to ensure users provide essential information.

Furthermore, you can also set input limits and offer different discounts based on minimum or maximum input sizes. Plus, the option to charge extra for certain inputs gives you control over pricing complexities.

What's more, you can select different units for input and output. It makes it a breeze to handle various measurement systems. Set default values, offer box pricing, and even provide predefined input values for users. It's all at your fingertips.

The user interface has also been improved for seamless navigation. It helps you display the pricing formula in the product description. Customers can easily see the per-unit price on the listing page.

But the real magic?

You can let customers add wastage in percentage, and with the bulk copy feature, you can effortlessly apply settings across multiple products or categories.

It's the Prestashop Price Calculator you've been waiting for, and it's here to revolutionize your selling game.


In wrapping things up, it's crystal clear that the Prestashop Price Calculator isn't just another tool—it's the ace up your e-commerce sleeve.

With its ability to crunch numbers, customize pricing, and adapt to user inputs, it's your ticket to selling by weight, length, and area with finesse. The newfound powers of setting limits, offering discounts, and defining units add a layer of flexibility that can transform your online store.

So, whether you're selling fabrics, produce, or anything in between, this calculator is your trusty companion.

It's time to elevate your PrestaShop business and let the numbers do the talking. Say hello to precision and bid farewell to guesswork with the Prestashop Price Calculator.