Ecommerce And Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Categories: Shopping Carts & Platforms , Marketing

Social media is now the breeding ground for ecommerce companies who use it as a powerful tool for driving their sales. Ecommerce industry has never been more accomplished and organized since the advent of social media websites. It’s absolutely free and global with a diverse demographical spectrum. Traffic from all ages and gender owns its accounts and are deeply influenced by what they see on their screens.   

Considering a social media platform for marketing purposes is thought-provoking task. You cannot choose a platform that doesn’t support images if your marketing campaign is about a flower and decoration company. You must also keep in mind what age and gender are attracted to your product. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have younger users, where as Pinterest and Twitter users belong to relatively older age group.
Visitors who get influenced by ads from social media platforms contribute to conversion rates, which ecommerce websites enjoy. Facebook wins with 1.85%, leaving behind Vimeo and Youtube with virtually identical 1.16%.

The statistical data also shows that customers often get informed about deals and offers from social media platforms, but when they attempt to purchase the product from the ecommerce website, some roadblock forces them to do otherwise. The infographic below shares the reasons and solutions to shopping cart miscarries and social media trends.

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ECommerce Trends and Statistics 
Infographic by – Fme Extensions