How to Display Related Products in Prestashop 8.0

Posted On: Aug 18, 2023

Categories: Marketing

The choices are many and attention spans flickers in the dynamic world of ecommerce. Therefore, the concept of related products has emerged as a strategic beacon.

We have the Prestashop 8.0 that is veritable protagonist of this modern retail narrative. It isn't just an upgrade; it's an elevation, aligning seamlessly with the evolving demands of digital retail.

Imagine a customer, eyes fixed on a sleek smartphone, browsing through an array of trendy accessories.

Here's where the spotlight shines on the magic of related products. By intelligently suggesting complementary items like stylish phone cases or wireless earbuds, Prestashop 8.0 transforms browsing into an immersive journey of discovery.

It has various implications such as boosted sales that result from the artful presentation of related products aren't merely coincidental but strategic choreography.

And let's not underestimate the power of enhanced user experience – a satisfied shopper is a loyal one.

In this world of choices, Prestashop crafts an ecosystem where products harmonize and transactions flourish.

Let’s discuss How to Display Related Products in Prestashop 8.0 in detail.

Stay with me and let’s explore it.

Why Related Products Matter for Your E-commerce Store?

Ever wondered why those "You Might Also Like" sections on e-commerce sites feel like they're speaking directly to you? Let's dive into the intriguing world of related products and their psychological wizardry.

Picture this: a shopper browses a cozy sweater, and suddenly, they're presented with matching scarves and snug beanies. It's not happenstance; it's a subtle nudge from the art of persuasion.

The Prestashop 8.0 is an accomplice in this strategic retail dance. It masterfully orchestrates related product suggestions, guiding customers toward curated ensembles because it understands that customers seek cohesive choices.

But it's not just about aesthetics; it's a masterclass in commerce. These subtle recommendations hold the power to elevate average order value, transforming a single-item purchase into a harmonious bundle. And let's not overlook the partners of cross-selling and upselling.

With Prestashop 8.0's adeptness, a customer eyeing a camera might find themselves gravitating towards lenses, tripods, and photography books. It's about offering solutions before they're even sought, enhancing the shopping journey.

Related products aren't mere suggestions; they're the architects of seamless shopping experiences, powered by psychology and driven by Prestashop 8.0's ingenuity.

Methods to Define Related Products in Prestashop 8.0

Picture the perfect shopping experience, where every item you consider feels like it was meant to be. That's the world of e-commerce finesse, and Prestashop 8.0 is your ultimate guide.

Let's lift the curtain on related products – it's like curating a melody of choices.

Think of categories and tags as special tools, carefully linking items that share something in common. It's like bringing together a harmonious orchestra.

Imagine sweaters, scarves, and mittens grouped cozily under the "Winter Warmth" tag. That's Prestashop 8.0's magic. It crafts these connections, turning shopping into a journey of discovery.

Sometimes manual linking lets you handpick related products that sing in harmony.

Other times, Prestashop 8.0 takes the lead with its smart algorithms. These algorithms study what you like and create suggestions that just feel right.

The result?

An online shopping experience that's not just transactional, but immersive and exciting. It's Prestashop 8.0's way of turning ordinary shopping into an extraordinary symphony of choices.

Manual Selection of Related Products: A Hands-On Approach

When it comes to suggesting the ideal shopping companions, sometimes it's best to put a human touch on it.

We have manual selection of related products, a hands-on journey with Prestashop 8.0 that adds a personal flourish to your online store.

Step by step, let's delve into the art of pairing products.

Picture this: you have a captivating dress in your collection, and you want to spotlight the perfect shoes and accessories to complete the look. Prestashop 8.0 makes this breeze, offering a user-friendly admin interface that's like a canvas for your creativity.

Navigating Prestashop 8.0's admin interface, you'll be empowered to link items seamlessly. It's like arranging puzzle pieces that fit harmoniously together.

But here's the catch: it's not just about any combination. Your audience's preferences are the heart of this operation. To strike the right chord, consider their tastes, needs, and desires, curating related product sets that resonate like a sweet melody.

In a world of algorithms, the manual touch stands out, letting you infuse your e-commerce stage with your unique understanding of your customers.

With Prestashop 8.0, crafting the perfect combinations for your products is more than a strategy – it's an artful endeavor that speaks directly to your audience's desires.

Automatic Selection of Related Products with Prestashop Related Products Module

Now let’s put a spotlight on Automatic Selection of Related Products with Prestashop Related Products Module.

The Prestashop Related Products Module emerges as a game-changer for product associations. It acts as a symphony conductor, orchestrating related products seamlessly on your e-commerce store.

Imagine your products forming a conversation. This module eavesdrops on these exchanges, suggesting related products that amplify the shopping experience.

With a Product Page as its canvas, the module's genius shines. It showcases a curated collection of related products, thoughtfully selected to enhance each customer's journey.

But the features don’t end here. The module's backstage is just as compelling. You can Leverage product attributes and combinations where you can manually handpick related products from the back office. It's a harmonious blend of human intuition and digital precision.

As customers browse, the curtain rises on these selected products, displayed at the page's bottom – unobtrusive yet impactful. No limits exist; customers can add a multitude of related products to their cart, expanding possibilities with every click.

From Best Sales to the Same Brand and Category, each rule paints a unique recommendation portrait, guiding customers toward their perfect purchase. The module even adds a new dimension with the Product Tags Match rule, aligning with modern shopping preferences.

And as your e-commerce tale unfolds, the module's intricate design changes enrich the user experience, enhancing visibility and decision-making.

With Visibility Criteria rooted in categories and product selection, the module ensures related products resonate with customers' unique preferences.

In the grand theater of e-commerce, the Prestashop Related Products Module takes center stage, harmonizing products, boosting exposure, and expanding possibilities – a symphony of effortless commerce.

Final Thoughts:

As the curtain falls on our exploration of related products in Prestashop 8.0, the symphony of possibilities resounds.

This dynamic feature isn't just about sales; it's about crafting an immersive journey for customers. Through categories, tags, algorithms, and manual finesse, products harmonize, suggesting companions that resonate.

Prestashop 8.0's prowess extends beyond transactions – it's about nurturing connections, enhancing choices, and transforming ordinary shopping into an extraordinary experience.

So, as you navigate the e-commerce landscape, remember that related products in Prestashop 8.0 are more than just suggestions; they enrich both sales and the shopping experience itself.