Prestashop Related Products Module - Similar Products Responsive Carousel

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Prestashop Related Products Module - Similar Products Responsive Carousel

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Use Prestashop Related Products Module to display related products on your product description pages and increase sales. Related items can be shown in an attractive slider on your product pages. You can customize the slider settings as per your requirements. Admin can select products based on rules.

  1. Display related products on product description or cart page.
  2. Display the related products in a slider.
  3. Rule based product selection.
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Click to visit our Prestashop Related Products Module on Official PrestaShop Addons.

Promote similar items on product page by using FME PrestaShop related products module. This plugin allows you to add related products on a product page manually from back office.

For instance, if the merchant is selling sneakers, then merchandise of the same tier will appear on the bottom as related products.

Key Features of Prestashop Related Products Module

  • Uses the Product Page to show the selected number of related products
  • Use product attributes and combinations to manually add related products from the back office
  • Combination will load automatically once the products have been selected
  • The related products are displayed at the bottom of the page
  • There is no limit on the number of products that can be added to the cart by the customers
  • A new tab is added as ‘Related Products’ for every product
  • Helps customers in making the right decision for purchasing the product
  • Provides exposure to all of your products for increased sales
  • While shopping at your store your customers are entitled to more possibilities
  • Added Multi-shop feature
  • Added functionality to add multiple products to the list at a time
  • Front end minor design changes
  • Display/hide thumbnail option added
  • Rules option added to auto select related products
  • Best Sales products rule added
  • Discounted products rule added
  • New products rule added
  • Top viewed products rule added
  • Same category products rule added
  • Same brand products rule added
  • Same brand and category products rule added
  • Who bought this also bought products rule added
  • Product Tags match products rule added
  • Rules section now has ability to select Product to show the rule on
  • Rules section now has ability to select Category of products to show the rule on
  • Image sizing option for product Images
  • New tab for Visibility criteria for related products
  • Visibility Criteria is based on categories and product selection

Key Benefits of Related Products Module

Every merchant needs good traffic for healthy conversion. Without exposure and assistance the customer might ignore a buy worthy product on your PrestaShop store. This module makes sure your customer does not leave empty handed.

Easy to use

Start typing names and you will get a list of products you can add as related items, its quick and easy! Product combinations are supported. 

Customers Focus

Cross-selling, Up-selling, and related products are all very effective techniques to increase sales throughout the year, irrespective of any season or an event. Those items, that do not normally get customers attention, are placed right on a product page to catch the customers focus.

Producing Innovations

This Similar products module encourages the merchant to expand the product line and take advantage of various market sectors. A meat food manufacturer will use this opportunity to identify the profitable areas once learning about the increased sales of a related product and make premium versions of it. It basically opens doors to new products for the merchant.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Whenever customers visit your online store, there is a probability that the merchandise might fail to appeal the customer. Related Products acts as a stimulator and lures the client into buying products with similar specifications or price range. This reduces bounce rate and increases customer retention and conversions.

Product Targeting 

Products that need attention can be promoted by using PrestaShop similar products module. You can add those products from the back end and link them to multiple products. Each time a product is searched they will appear giving them exposure and coverage.

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