Prestashop Migration Services

prestashop migration services

Prestashop Migration Services

FME Modules is the top-notch PrestaShop migration service provider. If you are looking to upgrade your 1.6, 1.7, 8.x version store to PrestaShop 8.0, or want to migrate completely from any e-commerce platform to PrestaShop effortlessly, then you can utilize our expertise in migration pro PrestaShop for smooth data transfer.

Note: This is not a module but a service. Please contact us for an estimate before ordering. 

Our skilled team ensures secure PrestaShop database migration and meticulous handling of all aspects, including products, customers, orders, and any kind of customization. Trust FME Modules for top-quality Prestashop data migration service. Efficient and reliable database migration solutions that preserve your online store's integrity and boost its performance.

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Prestashop Migration Services

With its unparalleled advantages and standout features, PrestaShop emerges as the ultimate ecommerce platform for small to medium-sized businesses.

Its robust design structure ensures a stable and scalable foundation, allowing seamless expansion as your business grows. What sets PrestaShop apart is its thriving online community and the user-friendly interface simplifies store management, reducing the learning curve for merchants.

As one of the most reliable ecommerce platforms in the market, PrestaShop guarantees smooth functionality, secure transactions, and exceptional performance, making it the preferred choice for ambitious entrepreneurs. When considering a platform switch, Migration to Prestashop could be a smart move. The process of Prestashop migration involves meticulous planning, data transfer, and optimization to ensure a smooth transition. By entrusting your Prestashop migration to experienced professionals, you can mitigate risks and streamline the process for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Note: This is not a module but a service. Please contact us for an estimate before ordering. 

The true potential of PrestaShop's outstanding features resulted in a surge in interest in migrating Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce stores to the latest PrestaShop 8.0 version. Leading the industry in PrestaShop migration services, FME Modules empower online merchants to easily transfer their stores between all major e-commerce platforms.

We take pride in our team of experienced developers and PrestaShop e-commerce experts who have a proven track record of migrating stores of various sizes and complexities. With our reliable and smooth migration Prestashop services, you can trust us to ensure your online business reaches new heights with PrestaShop's cutting-edge capabilities.

Choose FME Modules for a hassle-free and efficient migration experience, and take your business to the next level.

As a trusted PrestaShop Gold partner, FME Modules is your go-to solution for seamless and efficient PrestaShop migration. We specialize in keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in PrestaShop's core design and functionalities, allowing us to offer the most updated services to our clients.

Whether you're upgrading to a newer version of PrestaShop or migrating from other platforms, we provide a hassle-free migration process. Our expert team provides lifetime support and maintenance to ensure your store runs smoothly and effectively. We understand that every customer has unique needs, so we offer customizable migration Prestashop packages tailored to your specific requirements.

Our motto at FME Modules is "Customer Satisfaction". With this belief, we have established ourselves as a reputable option for PrestaShop services, including migration services. Reach us today, and allow our team to handle the rest of your concerns. Your Contentment is our top priority.

Reasons to consider while migrating to PrestaShop

  • Experience the convenience of a centralized management interface that empowers you to efficiently oversee your entire store.
  • Unlock endless possibilities with a wide range of free and premium modules and templates, enabling seamless customization of your store to reflect your unique ideas effortlessly.
  • Embrace the power of PrestaShop's support for coupons, shopping cart rules, and multiple built-in payment gateways.
  • With 100% scalability and regular updates, your store stays current with market trends.
  • Leverage built-in SEO features to optimize your website with ease, enhance brand visibility, and rank higher in search engines using SEO & Marketing plugins.
  • Analyze and track improvements with comprehensive stats for easy monitoring.
  • PrestaShop's lightweight, user-friendly setup requires no expensive hardware or hosting, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Benefit from AJAX functionality, one-step checkout, product image zooming, robust search capabilities, and support for multiple languages.
  • Experience efficient development with the platform's object-oriented approach, making PrestaShop the ultimate choice for your e-commerce success.

Why Choose Us in Your Migration Journey 


With our migration pro PrestaShop services, you can rest assured that nothing is left behind. Our skilled team ensures seamless transfer of all your products and their related information, from product descriptions and images to pricing and inventory. 

Customers & Orders

our PrestaShop migration services include a meticulous transfer of all customer details and order information to the new location. From shipping addresses and payment information to order history and tracking details, we ensure that every aspect of your customer data is accurately migrated to your new PrestaShop store.

Basic Settings

our expert team ensures that all your settings are automatically applied to the newly migrated PrestaShop platform. From shipping and tax settings to payment gateways and store configurations, we make sure that your new store is set up to match your exact specifications.


By preserving your website's content, we ensure that you don't lose search engine visibility and traffic during the migration process. Our expert team ensures that all your content is seamlessly migrated to your new store, so you can continue to attract and engage your audience without interruption.

Migration Services: Offered By FME Modules 

  • Prestashop migration
  • Prestashop 1.6 to 1.7 migration
  • Prestashop migration 1.7 to 8.x
  • Prestashop database migration
  • WooCommerce to Prestashop migration
  • Shopify to Prestashop migration
  • Magento to Prestashop migration
  • Wordpress to Prestashop migration
  • Update to Prestashop 8.0
  • Migrating Prestashop to new Host
  • Maintenance and Support

Prestashop Migration: Steps Followed in Data Migration

Data migration is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. At FME Modules, we follow a structured approach to ensure a seamless Prestashop migration experience for our clients. Here are the steps we follow: 

  • Gather Data

    We begin by identifying all the data that needs to be migrated, including products, customers, orders, and any kind of customization.

  • Create Backup

    To prevent the loss of any data in case of unforeseen circumstances, we create a backup of your data.

  • Migrate Data

    We migrate all your data, including your installed extensions, to a test server. This allows us to test the migration process and identify any potential issues.

  • Testing

    We perform a range of checks to ensure everything was done smoothly. This includes testing the functionality of the website, as well as checking for any possible data loss.

  • Rectify Errors

    In case of any errors or problems that may have arisen during the migration process, we help in rectifying them to make sure everything is working correctly.

  • Move Data To The New Site

    After performing several checks and ensuring that no issues exist, we move all the data from the test server to the live server of the client.

Upgrade Prestashop 1.7 to 8

Prestashop released its latest version 8.0 with some important upgrades. If you are already running any version of Prestashop then it's highly recommended that you would update it to the latest version.

FME Modules have experts who can help you with your store migration in all of the above-mentioned cases. From products, categories, Orders, and taxes to complete store information, our Prestashop developers have the professional skills to migrate your data with integrity.

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