Prestashop Custom Product Designer | Product Customization Module

prestashop product customization Module

Prestashop Custom Product Designer | Product Customization Module

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Prestashop product customization module makes product customization easy for store owners and customers with its unlimited customization options. Allow your customers to customize their desired products as per their choices. 

Prestashop product customization module is a powerful tool to make your products unique, and attractive to online buyers as the personalization becomes hassle-free. You can take your sales to the next level with our Prestashop product designer. 

Use Product customization Prestashop to enhance the shopping experience with its advanced customization features, including: 

  1. Option to add a Designer Panel to any product.
  2. Option to add unlimited images, fonts, and colors for customization. 
  3. Option to add Dynamic Pricing option.
  4. Option to add Layer base designs. 
  5. Option to preview live changes and updated price on the front.
  6. Option to get Free lifetime support and upgrades with No subscription fee. 

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Introducing PrestaShop Custom Product Design Module

Achieve swift, and personalized customizations with product customization Prestashop module. With its interactive and intuitive interface users can use its seamless designer panel.

Enable PrestaShop product customization effortlessly, offering a wide range of preloaded design ideas, diverse artwork, and font styles. Regardless of the device users use, these features empower them to create designs on the fly. 

The Prestashop Product Designer enables your customers to customize any kind of product like shoes, glasses, t-shirts, business cards, mugs, and much more. The custom product designer prestashop can be used for multiple purposes, can be used for personal use, for any event, or for gifting someone. 

Check out video below for details:

Key Features offered by Product Customization PrestaShop

After the successful installation of the Prestashop product customization module, you will deal with the two sides of it. One is the front end and the other is the back end.


The front end encompasses the design area where customers can design products. On the product page, where they find the "Customize" button. Clicking on the button, users will be redirected to the designer studio, allowing them to personalize the selected product according to their preferences. 

Text / Font Setting for Customers

  • Fonts can be selected from a preloaded fonts list.
  • Font size can be adjusted.
  • Text alignment and styles can be adjusted.
  • Customers can change the rotation of text.
  • Customers can adjust transparency of text tags as needed. To set transparency first select a tag and then adjust transparency by dragging the transparency slider.
  • Simply Drag & drop the text to change its position anywhere on the product.

Image Settings For Customers

  • Users can select preloaded image/clip art or can add from the URL or a PC.
  • Option to Resize images.
  • Customers can change the rotation of images.
  • Customers can adjust transparency of images.
  • Drag & drop images to change image position

Tags Movable

  • Customers can drag/move a text/image tag to adjust their design as their per need.

Design Ideas and My Designs

  • Users have the option to choose the design ideas set by the admin. 
  • Users can add multiple designs in the My Designs section. 

Download PDF Designs

  • Users can download the PDF of designs from the My Designs section or delete them. Admin can add watermarks to PDF files as well.


  • Users can adjust the added layers i.e., change the position of layers by simple drag and down. 
  • Layers can be deleted from this section.

Selection of Printing Material

  • If the print material options are provided for a specific product by admin, the customers will be able to select / change the printing material as per his needs.

Text & Image Transparency/Rotation Option

  • Customers can adjust transparency or text/image tags as their per need.
  • To set transparency first select a tag, click Tools tab and adjust transparency by dragging transparency slider.
  • The customer can also change the rotation of text and image.

Discover all the remaining features of the PrestaShop Product Designer module:

  • Users can preview the customized product.
  • Dimensions of the preview in the cart page can be configured
  • The custom designs of the customers can be shown on the order page.
  • Updated canvas library.
  • Admin can Predefine the positions for the images and text
  • Multiple designs can be added.
  • Price calculation can be seen according to the customizations. 
  • Customers can view their customization on the cart page before the closure.
  • Multi-Store & Multi-Lingual Supported.

Latest Update Includes

  • New improved User interface for back office
  • Front end user interface improvements
  • Ability to start a design from zero layer in front end
  • Upload images in back office in bulk
  • Now each product edit section has its pre-made template section
  • Hints block added on front for ease of user
  • Option to enable or disable hints block
  • Bug fix - Layer selection view fixed on front end
  • Bug fix - Duplicate extra price issue when multiple designs fixed in front end
  • Bug fix - Back office section of product edit had an issue of design size fixed
  • New feature: Menu item in back-office allows you to copy product design to other products/categories


The important part of Product customization Prestashop is its user-friendly admin panel. It is the control panel where you can configure the settings for Product Customization. Backend settings are divided into two parts. One from where the admin can add fonts, images, colors, and Printing material, and the other one where the admin can add premade designs and PDF settings.  

Let’s just take an example of a T-shirt where the admin can add four different sides ie, Front, Back, Right Arm, and Left Arm. Each side can have its text and image. Admin can customize fee structures for each side.

Following are the general settings for the PrestaShop custom product designer module: 

General Settings

  • Admin can set the width and height of the Preview Image.
  • Admin can enable/disable the image upload option from URL and PC. 
  • Admin can set the default font and color. 
  • Admin can enable Hints to appear on the front office. 
  • Material selection could be made mandatory on choice. 
  • Option to enable the pre-made designs on the front office.
  • Admin can enable watermark option on the PDF and can configure its settings as well.  
  • Admin can set the Workplace area from the backend. 
  • Option to set the PDF orientation, either vertical or horizontal.

Configuration of Fonts, Colors, and Images: 

  • Option to upload custom fonts and images.
  • Add font styles and sizes for text fields.
  • Option to add a new or edit the existing font color.
  • Specific fonts, images, and colors can be enabled/disabled

Printing Material 

  • Admin can add multiple printing material options for a product. For example, for Banners you can add Vinyl, Poly, or canvas and let the customer choose the material on which the banner should be printed. Another example is name /designation plates where you can add material options for customers like metal, wood, etc.
  • You can add unlimited printing material with a preview option for customers

Individual Pricing Options

Admin can assign each customization option costs separately from the back end. You can set custom fees for Images, Tags, Text, and Numbers.

Dynamic Pricing Options

Dynamic pricing option enables you to assign a price according to the range of the design elements. i.e. If a user adds up to 3 design elements, the price will be $2 each and for 3 – 6 design elements, admin can assign the price for each element as $3. You can add multiple price intervals to it.

Compatible with Product Variants

If a product has variants (color, size), customers can select variants from the design page.

Layered based design

Each design element added by the user will have its separate layer. The price for each of these elements is mentioned on the layer. Users can easily add and delete layers.

Each side of the product has its own set of layers.

Predefined Design Templates

You can add predefined designs for each product. Users will be able to deploy these designs with a single click.

Print Ready File Download For Admin

  • The store admin can download the customization order file in print ready JPG / JPEG format.

PDF Generation For Customers

  • Enable/Disable PDF file download options on front end for customers

Configure Watermarking Option

  • You can enable/disable watermarking for PDF downloads
  • Set custom watermark text.
  • Set custom watermark text color.
  • Set custom font size for watermark text.

Compatible with Product Variants

  • If a product has variants (color, size), customers can select variants from design page.

Layered based design

  • Each design element added by the user will have its own separate layer. The price for each of these elements is mentioned on the layer. User can easily add and delete layers.
  • Each side of the product has their own set of layers.

Predefined Design Templates

  • You can add predefined designs for each product. User will be able to deploy these designs with single click.

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