Prestashop Custom Product Designer | Product Customization Module

prestashop product customization Module

Prestashop Custom Product Designer | Product Customization Module

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Prestashop Product Customization Module empowers your customers to personalize your products. Add design panel on any product page. Sell customizable products like smartphone covers / skins, business cards, posters, cups, T-shirts, etc.

  1. Enable customization design panel on any product
  2. Provide multiple images, fonts & colors to customize products
  3. Allow Customers to upload images, resize and reposition them
  4. The customer can change the transparency as well as the rotation of image and text tag
  5. Users download their designs as PDF
  6. Dynamic Pricing Rules updated on the go
  7. Option to show Printing Material to users
  8. All changes can be previewed live
  9. The merchant can download Print Ready JPG from BO
  10. Uses HTML & JavaScript (NO Flash)
  11. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Overview of Prestashop Custom Product Design Module

PrestaShop product designer module enables your customers to make changes to your products according to their preferences. It adds a “Customize Product” button on the product page which allows customers to instantly edit product designs such as cards, cups, and T-shirts by adding text, predefined images and custom images on them. PrestaShop t-shirt designer extension serves as an excellent tailoring tool for the particular demands of customers when they need the product for personal use, for event purposes or when gifting it to someone. You can configure settings from the back end and set the font size, position, character limit, taglines and pricing for the customization.

Check out video below for details:

Key Features of Product Customization Module for PrestaShop


Dynamically Add Multiple Sides of an Item For Customization

You can add images of multiple sides of a product and let customers design each side. Each side will be displayed as a tab on design panel. The customer can view different tabs /sides and design them accordingly.

For example for Mugs you can enable design options for both side. Each side can have different text, color & image gallery and you can charge the customization fee for each side separately.

Another example here is a T-shirt where store admin can add 4 different sides like Front, Back, Right Arm, Left Arm. Each side can have its own text, image / clip art gallery. The store admin can set different customization fee structure for each side.

Following are some configuration options for these dynamic tabs/sides.

  • You can easily reorder/reposition design tabs by dragging them.
  • You can add unlimited design tabs from Product detail page under “Custom Product Design” tab.
  • You can add unlimited movable and re-sizable image tags for a design tab.
  • You can set price and title for each image tag individually.
  • You can add unlimited movable and re-sizable text tags for a design tab.
  • You can set price and title for each text tag individually.

Configuration Options for Fonts, Text, Colors & Images / Clip art

  • You can enable/disable customization on a product.
  • You can select specific fonts, colors, images/clip art and print material for a product individually.
  • Upload custom fonts and images
  • Add font styles and size for text fields
  • Edit existing font color and Add new
  • Specific fonts, images and colors can be enabled/disabled
  • Enable/disable customer image uploads option on product page
  • Option to set default color
  • Option to set default font
  • Characters used in the text field can be limited

Individual Pricing Options

Admin can assign each customization option costs separately from the back end. You can set custom fee for Images, Price for Tags, Price for Text and Price for Numbers.

Dynamic Pricing Options

Instead of assigning cost to each design element separately you can also use dynamic pricing option. Dynamic pricing option enables you to assign a price according to the range of the design elements. i.e. If user adds up to 3 design elements the price will be $2 each and for 3 – 6 design elements the admin can assign price for each element as $3. You can add multiple price intervals.

Add Printing Material

- You can add multiple printing material options for a product.

  • For example, for Banners you can add Vinyl, Poly & Canvas and let customer choose material on which the banner should be printed.
  • Another example is name /designation plates where you can add material options for customers like metal, wood, etc.

- You can add unlimited printing material with a preview options for customers

Print Ready File Download For Admin

  • The store admin can download the customization order file in print ready JPG / JPEG format.

PDF Generation For Customers

  • Enable/Disable PDF file download options on front end for customers

Configure Watermarking Option

  • You can enable/disable watermarking for PDF downloads
  • Set custom watermark text.
  • Set custom watermark text color.
  • Set custom font size for watermark text.

Compatible with Product Variants

  • If a product has variants (color, size), customers can select variants from design page.

Layered based design

  • Each design element added by the user will have its own separate layer. The price for each of these elements is mentioned on the layer. User can easily add and delete layers.
  • Each side of the product has their own set of layers.

Predefined Design Templates

  • You can add predefined designs for each product. User will be able to deploy these designs with single click.


PDF Generation settings

  • Enable/disable PDF generation option for a specific product. If PDF generation is enabled customers can download their designs in a PDF file.
  • Set PDF orientation either vertically or horizontally.

Image Settings For Customers

  • Resize Images
  • Customers can select image / clip art uploaded by the admin
  • Customers can also upload images/clip art from desktop or a web link/URL
  • Drag & drop images to change image position

Text / Font Setting for Customers

  • Fonts can be selected from a preloaded fonts list.
  • Font colors can be selected from the list
  • Customers can resize font size
  • Drag & drop the text to change its position.

Text & Image Transparency/Rotation Option

  • Customers can adjust transparency or text/image tags as their per need.
  • To set transparency first select a tag, click Tools tab and adjust transparency by dragging transparency slider.
  • The customer can also change the rotation of text and image.

Print Material selection

  • If the print material options are provided for a specific product by admin, the customers will be able to select / change the printing material as per his needs.

Download Design in PDF

  • Customers can download their custom designs in a PDF file. Admin can add watermark to PDF file.

Delete Elements

  • Customers can delete unwanted text/image tags to adjust their design as their per need.

Tags Movable

  • Customers can drag/move a text/image tag to adjust their design as their per need.

General Settings of Prestashop Product Customization Module

  • The dimension of the preview in the cart page can be configured
  • The custom designs of the customers are shown on the orders page
  • Added customized preview to customization list on product page
  • Added option to preview customized list in fancy box on product page
  • Updated canvas library
  • Set Predefined positions for the images and text
  • Multiple designs can be added in one go
  • Live preview and price calculation of the product
  • Customers can view their customization on cart page before closure
  • Multi-Store & Multi-Lingual Support

Latest Update Includes

  • New improved User interface for back office
  • Front end user interface improvements
  • Ability to start a design from zero layer in front end
  • Upload images in back office in bulk
  • Now each product edit section has its pre-made template section
  • Hints block added on front for ease of user
  • Option to enable or disable hints block
  • Bug fix - Layer selection view fixed on front end
  • Bug fix - Duplicate extra price issue when multiple designs fixed in front end
  • Bug fix - Back office section of product edit had an issue of design size fixed
  • New feature: Menu item in back-office allows you to copy product design to other products/categories

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