Prestashop Add Text on Product Image | Product Customization

Prestashop add text to image

Prestashop Add Text on Product Image | Product Customization

  • best module Add Text to Product Images
  • version PrestaShop
    1.6.x - 1.7.x - 8.x

Allows your customers to customize and individualize products such as cell phone covers, caps, shirts by adding signature text on them using Prestashop Add Text on Product Image Module. 

  1. Text customization options include fonts, size, transparency, rotation
  2. Option to add premade designs
  3. Layers based design
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Click to visit our Prestashop Add Text on Product Image Module on PrestaShop Official Marketplace.

Prestashop Add Text on Product Image Module allows you to sell user-customizable items to your customers. You can give an option to your customers to add text of their own choice on the product image and then you can sell that customized product including the additional cost for that extra customization. Products like phone covers, shirts or caps, etc are usually used by customers to individualize them, sometimes a company needs a shirt or a piece of garment with their own tagline on it, you can offer this to your customers using our module where customers can themselves add customized text.  

Customization options included in the Prestashop Add Text to Image module are limitless, starting with basic text customization like font selection, size, indentation, color, and going all the way to allow users to rotate or set transparency for the text. As our module design is layers-based, this means the user can add multiple text layers on the image with each layer having its own customization options. 

There is also an option for pre-made designs where the admin can show some premade designs on the products which users can choose with a single click and apply to the product image. One of the powerful feature of our module is that it offers dynamic options to merchants to earn money from user customization. Admin can set price for each additional design layer as the user keeps on adding a layer the price will increase automatically that will ultimately be included in the total product price. 

Features offered by PrestaShop Add Text to Image Module

  • Allow users to add text on product image
  • Option to rotate, set transparency, size, font, color, position, alignment for the text
  • Users can choose product image and combination
  • Option to add premade designs
  • Users can add design to My Design and can then download as PDF
  • Layers based design
  • Set price for each layer
  • Dynamic layers pricing
  • Separate price for customization and product
  • User can also see her/her customization on cart page
  • Option to limit the user to add text only in the selected area by choosing work area on image
  • Admin can add fonts from the backend and can also show only selected fonts on frontend
  • User designed product image is available to the merchant on the backend in the order detailed tab

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