Prestashop File Uploads | Allows users to upload files

prestashop upload file

Prestashop File Uploads | Allows users to upload files

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Allow customers to upload files from product, cart & order page with PrestaShop upload file module. It supports drag-n-drop as well as multi file upload options. Customers and admin both can manage these files. The merchants can attach multiple files on product pages to display policy, guides, images etc.

  1. Let Customers Upload Files from Product, Order & Cart Pages
  2. Set Allowed File Size & Format From Back Offices
  3. Upload Multiple Files With Easy Drag n Drop Option
  4. Uploaded Files Can be Managed By Both Customer & Admin
  5. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store
  6. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Our File Upload Module is one of the top-rated modules on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace with over 50 reviews and 1,800 downloads. Click here to visit our File Upload Module on Official Marketplace.

Overview of Prestashop File Upload Module

PrestaShop file upload module provides a single platform for customers to upload custom files from product, cart and order pages by just drag-n-drop. These files are required for different purposes such as a customer needs to print a custom design on purchased shirt or anywhere you need additional information from the customer.

  • File Formats and Multiple Uploading

The merchants can define which file formats can be uploaded by the customers such as JPG, PNG, XLS, DOC, PDF, etc. They can either be uploaded by selecting from the file destination or just by dragging it to the provided field. Predefined icons for uploaded files are displayed, for example, a PDF file on the product page will be displayed with a PDF icon.

  • Upload Files through Google Drive and Drop Box

Admin can allow users to upload files from their Google Drive or Drop Box.

Check out video below for details:

Core Features of PrestaShop Customer files upload Module

  • Files can be uploaded on product page by customers
  • Let Customers upload files from product, cart and (or) checkout, Order section in "My Account"
  • Option for merchants to download or upload new file from order detail page. (Same file will be displayed in customer account section)
  • Option to show file upload option on cart or checkout page only
  • Enable File Upload option on specific products pages
  • Show file upload option when specific product(s) is added to the cart. (No need to show for all products)
  • Merchants can display downloadable files on product pages
  • Option for customers Upload/manage files from my-account section
  • Email notification sent to admin when new file is upload with new order
  • Email notification sent to customer when merchant upload files on order detail page
  • Customer group base restriction added where specific selected groups can be allowed to upload
  • Option to add new file formats, upload icon to attach with new file type.
  • Upload multiple files at a time
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Lock/unlock file
  • Enable/Disable file upload
  • Limit upload file size
  • Limit to upload selected file extensions only
  • One click update/delete a file
  • Admin can attach a file to an order from back end
  • Admin can update/delete a file with single click
  • Admin can lock/unlock a file
  • Design changed, New file uploader with bunch of settings
  • Enable/disable Drag and drop
  • Bulk upload option added
  • Start and cancel buttons for each file
  • Global start/cancel button for bulk uploads
  • Auto upload on file selection (quick upload)
  • Preview for image files option added
  • Set Title field mandatory for uploading files
  • Set Description field mandatory for uploading files
  • Lock files after successful order has been placed
  • Set number of mandatory files on checkout/Restrict order till required number of files uploaded
  • New Feature - option to upload files from Google Drive
  • New Feature - option to upload files from DropBox
  • Multi-Store
  • Multi-lingual

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Frequently Asked Questions (2)

  • I need to have a upload section in cart checkout because customers have to fill up some documents before beeing able to validate their order...Does your module do that?Does it possible to add some explanation text (with HTML tags) to guide the customers in the right upload process?

    File Uploads section is available for checkout pages but you cannot add HTML tags in it. It is possible through customization of module.
  • Is it possible to add some text before the upload files fields to give some informations about the needed files?

    Module does not have such option but it can be achieved through customization.

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