Top Prestashop SEO Modules for 2024 to Rank Your Website Higher in Searches!

Posted On: Sep 28, 2022

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Your brand needs SEO first, as most of your customers are lurking somewhere online. And SEO is the most effective and viable way to find, and reach your targeted customers better at the right moment.

When it comes to Prestashop there are hundreds and thousands of apps and modules out there to help you out with ranking your store higher in searches. This sounds mind-boggling to see such a vast collection of modules available online. Therefore to make things easier and save your precious time we have already curated some of the best that will help you to achieve this goal.

Here, we will explore the best Prestashop SEO modules that will take your online store to the first page of Google with fewer efforts and less time spent.

  1. Prestashop SEO Module
  2. Prestashop Pretty URL Module
  3. Prestashop Meta Tag Manager Module
  4. Prestashop URL Redirect Module
  5. Prestashop Image Alt Tag Module 

Top Prestashop SEO Modules for 2024 to Rank Your Website Higher in Searches!

Prestashop SEO Module - Best for non-technical business owners!

Sometimes hiring an SEO expert is a costly way to rank your website especially when you are on a tight budget. Therefore, you need assistance from a suitable module that will help you out with ranking your website without hiring any talent for it.

Prestashop SEO Optimizer is the best alternative for non-technical business owners who want to rank their websites higher on Google. This module offers various benefits to sellers.

It enables the Google search bar to the ability of the customers to search your Prestashop store right from the search results. It will show the company profile along With the social media links to your potential customers whenever they search for the products or services you offer.

It will create an attractive title and description when a customer shares links from your store on social networks i-e Twitter or Facebook. Your customers will never face a problem like 404 errors as the website admin will manage the links carefully through redirections.

Prestashop SEO Optimizer Key features:

  • Create Meta titles and descriptions of your products automatically in multiple languages
  • Generate Sitemap & Robot.txt quickly
  • Add redirections like 302, 303, 304
  • Configure Google Social Profiles
  • Find potential keywords automatically
  • Manage follow and indexing for different Categories, CMS, and Catalog pages
  • Set separate indexing for every product
  • Add product cards for Twitter and Facebook
  • Make a search engine ping for sitemap creation
  • Add CDN and product image for sitemap creation
  • Sitemap generation on multiple stores
  • Internal linking management
  • Create internal links automatically
  • Rewrite product URLs

So, if you are looking for a module that conducts the basic on-site SEO activities and makes sure that your product or CMS pages get indexed and ranked, then Prestashop SEO Optimizer is the ultimate module to consider. It will do all the on-site SEO processes automatically and save you a lot of time and effort.

You can also directly purchase it from FME Modules by clicking here.

Pretty URLs - Best for User Experience & SEO!

Pretty URL is another one of the best Prestashop SEO modules you can ever find for SEO optimization. But the real thing is why you need pretty and clean URLs. The Prestashop URLs contain IDs by default which doesn’t go along with the Google guidelines. Therefore Pretty URLs remove all the IDs automatically and make it users and Google-friendly. It doesn’t help you with the ranking in search but also enhances the user experience.

Most of the time, URLs generated in Prestashop are long, meaningless, and uninformative, which makes them hard to read for users and Google. Therefore, the Prestashop Search Friendly URL module will turn your URL into a clean one that both Google and User can understand easily.

Prestashop URL Module is one of the best, high-rated and downloaded modules offered by Prestashop Addons. It will help you check out the readability of Pretty URLs without creating compatibility issues.

Key features of Prestashop advance Pretty URLs:

  • Remove unnecessary IDs & Numbers from URLs
  • Redirects old URL to a new one with 301 redirects
  • Provide a URL report
  • Set URL preferences i-e with or without categories
  • Help you out with SEO
  • Highly-rated module with more than 500 reviews and 16000 downloads
  • Top seller module

Prestashop advanced pretty URL module will remove auto-generated ID/numbers from the URLs of your Prestashop store to prevent 404 errors with 301 redirects. Install now and improve your SEO and User experience.

You can also directly purchase it from FME Modules by clicking here.

Prestashop Meta Tags Manager Module - Best for Creating a Strong SEO Strategy!

Prestashop Meta Tags module helps you create meta tags for your products, categories, or CMS page, that lay the foundation for a strong SEO strategy for your website. It saves you a lot of time and effort by creating alt tags in a single click. Otherwise creating alt tags for every page, product or category is a tedious job.

You can create meaningful Meta titles and descriptions that will pursue a higher click-through rate. It will allow you to add more relevant product attributes and features in the descriptions to enrich the schema markup of your product pages on the website.

Cool Features Offered by Prestashop SEO Meta Tag Manager Module:

  • Create meta titles & descriptions easily
  • Generate meta tags automatically for home page
  • Create meta tags for CMS
  • Generate Meta tags for your products
  • Create meta tags for the entire shop in a single click
  • Variable for home page
  • Generate creative tags through multiple variables

You can install the Prestashop Meta Tags Manager Module on your shop to create Meta tags for hundreds of products. You can save time and effort by creating meaningful tags for your shop automatically.

You can also directly purchase it from FME Modules by clicking here.

Prestashop URL Redirect –Manage 301, 302, 303, & 304 Redirects!

Prestashop URL redirect module helps you remove 404 errors by implementing 301,302, & 303 redirections to avoid going to a dead link and leading you to products and other store pages. You can apply it to many links at one time.

Cool Features Offered by Prestashop URL Redirect Module:

  • Avoid 404 errors 
  • Import CSV to apply redirects to many links
  • Redirect all 404 errors to products or other pages in a single click
  • Add Permanent (301), Temporary (302), and another source (303) redirection
  • Manage multiple redirections
  • Redirect customers to the sales page to get more sales
  • Redirect to new URLs to improve your ranking on Google

Prestashop 301 redirects help you manage redirection on your website. This module offers a hassle-free redirection creation if you want to move your store to an advanced version of Prestashop or want to shift your website to a new domain.

It is one of the excellent Prestashop SEO modules that allows you to create multiple redirections at once in a CSV format. You can export the CSV and retain the redirection in a backup. Moreover, you can change or remove the redirection from your website with the editing and deleting feature.

The core theme of the 301 redirects is to retain the SEO ranking without changing the URLs. You can rectify the customers by sending them the right pages because page errors discourage customers to ignore the website. You can lead your customers to important pages like the product page, CMS, or home page to know more about your business.

Furthermore, you can use the URL redirects module to send customers and robots to alternative pages.

In short, URL Redirect Module is one of the excellent modules offered by Prestashop to improve your SEO and increase your conversion rate.

You can also directly purchase it from FME Modules by clicking here.

SEO Alt Image Tags Module –Best for Generating SEO Optimized Alt Tags Automatically!

Ranking your website in Google search is more effortless with SEO Alt Image Tag Module. It automates the process of generating SEO-optimized alt tags in a single click. 

Having the best alt image tags is one of the best SEO practices which help you get a higher ranking in Google searches. It's recommended by almost every SEO specialist to have proper alt-image tags for your website. Therefore, the SEO Alt Image Tag module helps you create tags easily according to the target keyword of the particular page.

But keep in mind that irrelevant or empty alt tags can result in poor SEO performance or ranking for irrelevant keywords that can affect your overall conversions.

Furthermore, the alt tags also help you rank in image searches based on the alt tags. It will bring you more traffic from image searches which will eventually lead to more sales. You don’t have to waste time creating the proper alt tags for your website SEO. You only need to configure the alt tag generator with a single click, and the module will do the rest for you.

Cool Features Offered by Prestashop Alt Images Tag Module:

  • Click once & apply alt image tags to the entire shop
  • Different alt image templates available
  • Select from multiple rules
  • Manage easily with renaming template offers

You can also directly purchase it from FME Modules by clicking here.


To sum up, hundreds and thousands of modules are available on marketplaces and websites, which makes it overwhelming for you to choose the best option for you. It's why we’ve made the list of 8 top Prestashop SEO modules that will improve your ranking without effort, money, or time spent.

Install it, use it, and get more and more sales for your business.

Happy Selling!