9 Best PrestaShop Modules To Look for in This Holiday Season

Posted On: Sep 12, 2018

Categories: Shopping Carts & Platforms

PrestaShop is undoubtedly one of the best and fastest growing ecommerce platforms. The flexibility, the compatibility, and ease of use is amazing. Moreover, the wide range of customization options available to create the personalized experience for customers is the premier reason why PrestaShop is the first choice of most of the business owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Thanks to its open source nature, there are endless free and paid PrestaShop modules created by third parties. These modules can help you provide countless options to your customers and most importantly, create a personalized solution for them.

And it’s the right time to make amendments to your store. Christmas and new-year is just around the corner and this year’s shopping season starting from thanksgiving is already in full swing and is expected to break all the previous records of online purchasing. So if your store sales are not increasing, you still have a lot time as Christmas and newyear is yet to come.

The good news is if you are PrestaShop, you have a lot of options available to lift to your sales up. However, if you are new to PrestaShop, you will find yourself at the crossroads principally deciding which modules and integrate and which ones to skip. Well, the solution is entirely subjective to the nature of your business and the mindset of the target audience. Nevertheless, all ecommerce store owners share some common objectives, and one of them is to achieve customer centricity. In this article, I am listing down 9 best PrestaShop modules that every PrestaShop store owner must integrate to his website to create a customer centric solution of his customers.

1. PrestaShop Auctions 

It allows store owners to sell products at auctions. PrestaShop auctions enable customers to do multiple bidding and remain notified of new bids via email alerts. This is s smart way of engaging customers and creating completions and merchants can sell popular products at high prices.

Here are some other benefits of the module,

  • Advance Auction & Bidding Management System
  • Allow your customers to follow certain products and receive new bid notification
  • You can Display highest bid upfront along with the auction timer.
  • Merchants can create a separate page to list all Auction products
  • Following and bidding is allowed for the logged-in customers.
  • Your customers can access different sections from their accounts such as ‘bid history,’ ‘won auction’ and ‘watch list’.

2. Gift Card PrestaShop

Christmas is all about gifts and presents. Gift card perfect module to boost your store revenue by allowing your customer buy gift card vouchers for their loved ones and sharing it via email. It is two way advantageous; number one, you can increase your sales as there are a lot of customers are looking for such options to buy & send gifts, secondly, when your customers will share it via email, they will turn into affiliate marketers by bringing in more traffic and buyers.

Here are few more highlighting benefits,

  • Merchants can display picture along with the personalized labels on the gift cards
  • Set a user validity of the card as per your plans
  • Choose a length for the code
  • Besides the gift cards, merchants can add discounts as well
  • Merchants can easily manage discount proportions in a fixed or a certain percentage limit.
  • The discounted amount can be shown included tax price and excluded tax price by you want it to look
  • The discount criteria may vary from products to particular orders
  • Merchants can also add validity settings for the coupon given with cards
  • Merchants can add expiry date to the vouchers 

3. PrestaShop Product Labels 

Another customer centric approach is to add Image & text labels on products images. With PrestaShop product labels, merchants can create customer rules so that you can labels on specific products and show labels on products and category pages. Moreover, merchants can also add text banners on the products.

Here are some other top of the line features,

  • Merchants can add labels to the products without sort any delay of complications and combinations.
  • Add both text & image labels to the store
  • You can also configure alignment settings for the labels
  • One grid manages across all the labels
  • With a separate tab for stamps and stickers, merchants no longer have to wander around looking for the options
  • There are no restrictions on multiple labels for products
  • Increase your store revenues quickly
  • The module supports multiple stores

4. WhatsApp Share Manager Module

As of July 2017, the number of WhatsApp users has crossed 1.3 billion, so how can you miss this platform for targeting customers. WhatsApp Share Manager Module allows merchants to offer their clients the possibility of sharing the products of their shop through WhatsApp, one of the most used mobile applications.

Here are some other perks of this application,

  • Help your customer share the products and increase demand
  • Easily customizable
  • Always visible button to share any page.
  • Very simple and easy to integrate
  • Customizable text and colors

5. Verified Review Module

Almost 70% of the customer read user generated reviews before making a purchase. Product reviews from the clients can increase your ecommerce sales to whole another level.

  • A full customizable solution
  • Packages including the collect of both website and product reviews
  • Unbeatable prices-The best feedback rate of the market

6. PrestaShop HTML Block

It allows merchants to create custom HTML, text & multi-media blocks by utilizing WYSIWYG editor. Merchants can place blocks on home, cart, product, category & CMS pages. Moreover, merchants can generate CSS of the block to place it anywhere on the store.

Here is what more PrestaShop block module offers,

  • It allows you, merchants, to add infinite HTML blocks at any position like cart pages, left, right, and header and footer column of the landing page.
  • The Static Block Pro PrestaShop extension allows the inclusion of text, news or any format of content in the promotional blocks.
  • The best thing is that PrestaShop HTML blocks module is completely customizable; it is an excellent feature from the usability perspective.
  • The PrestaShop text blocks add-on uses MCE editor that enables fast uploading of promotional content on the webpage.

7. PrestaShop Related Products

It is another fantastic module that allows merchants to display similar products in an attractive slider exactly on the product pages and make them more appealing. Merchants can almost double the sales by highlighting popular products to the customers.

Here are some of the more features,

  • Merchants can select the number of desired products to display on pages on the website.
  • Merchants can configure the display of related products manually, and also can add attributes to each item.
  • Combinations of the products will appear automatically the moment you select the products.
  • The product page will appear connected product beneath the product description.
  • The customer’s care can include as many products as demanded by the client
  • Your customers will appreciate the guidance you provide them for selecting the right product

8. Social Login PrestaShop

Customer centricity is all about creating ease of use for your customers. Social login module is a perfect tool that allows your customers to quickly register and login to your store via Facebook, PayPal Login, Amazon, Google or Twitter.  This will not only increase your conversion rate and more customers will trust you.

Here are more benefits,

  • The customers will be able to create an account and log in to the website in a single click via Facebook
  • Easy and fast Checkout process.
  • With PayPal Login in effect, it will be a simple one-click registration process, as PayPal will also automatically fill in the customer's billing.

9. PrestaShop Registration Form

PrestaShop Registration Module allows you to add different fields to the registration form for new signups like Text fields, multiple choice fields, Dropdown options, upload images and files field, and different more fields on the registration form. This module will allow site owners to add more custom fields to get additional information about their customers on the registration page with a few clicks. Site owners can make these fields optional or compulsory.

10. PrestaShop Pretty URL Module

Although Pretty URL is not directly related to the theme of other modules that are mentioned but no doubt it is one of the most important module to have on your store. This is the reason I have also included it. Pretty URL cleans your store URLs and makes them SEO-friendly by removing IDs and numbers. Clean URLs are included in the guideline of Google on how to make your website more search engine friendly. This means by optimizing your URLs you can get a better ranking in Google which in turn will give you more sales. 


There is a lot you can do to make your PrestaShop store customer centric. Like I said earlier, there are endless modules available. However, these modules have proved to the best and have also delivered best possible results.