Prestashop Product Labels and Stickers Module

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Prestashop Product Labels and Stickers Module

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Prestashop Product Labels and Stickers module allows you to add labels, stickers, and badges on the products. You can filter products individually, by category, price, or tags, and display specific product labels and Stickers. The product stickers convey special information to your customers regarding the product. You can add multiple labels such as ‘New’, ‘On Sale’, ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ etc.

  1. Display Labels & Stickers on Any Product
  2. Position Labels, Stickers, or Badges Anywhere on the Product Image
  3. Rule based design allows you to show stickers and banners on multiple products
  4. Option to display attractive Text Banner / CTA On the Product Page
  5. Create Multiple Stickers, Assign to Different Products, Set start & End date
  6. Add links for label and stickers
  7. Add hint popup for labels and stickers
  8. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store
  9. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Overview of Prestashop Labels & Stickers Module

Prestashop Stickers Module allows you to upload catchy product labels or stickers from back office and then attach them easily with desired products. Prestashop stickers labels module helps you to convey important information about the products to your customers in an impressive and appealing manner.

Labels such as ‘New’, ‘Hot’, ‘Will be Back in 2 Days’ etc., do not only market your products impressively but they also help keep customers coming back to your site.

You can add labels and stickers individually from product edit sheet or create rules to assign your labels and stickers to multiple products and categories, using the Sticker Prestashop Module.

Latest update allows you to add banners through rules. You can can now use multiple rules to select where your banners are shown. 

Take a look at our video below for more details:

Key Features of Prestashop Product Stickers Module

  • Upload and attach labels with any product
  • Add labels to specific products
  • Add both text & image labels
  • Configure alignment settings for the labels
  • One grid to manage all the labels
  • With a separate tab for labels and stickers, you don't have to wonder around looking for the options
  • No restriction on multiple labels for products
  • Option to add text banners - See screenshot
  • Enhance your revenues and user experience
  • Admin can assign label by 6 rules which are:
    • Show a label if Product is On Sale
    • Show a label if Product is New
    • Show a label if Product Price is less than the value X
    • Show a label if Product Price is greater than value X
    • Show a label if Product has reference value X
    • Show a label if Product has tag value X
  • Rule can be enabled/disabled
  • Rule can be applied to any specific shop(s)
  • A sticker/label must be chosen to show, when a rule is applicable
  • Rule added for Manufacturers a.k.a Brands
  • Rule added for Supplier
  • Start and Expiration date option added for Banners
  • Start and Expiration date option added for Rules
  • Start Date option added for Stickers, as previously only expiry date was an option
  • Show labels for selected customer groups
  • Option to add different label for listing page and detail page
  • Show label based on product quantity stock
  • Option to add link for label and stickers
  • Option to add hint popup for label and stickers
  • Separate section for text sticker and image stickers
  • Opacity option added for stickers
  • New rule options added like Condition, Type, Has Tag
  • Option added to exclude any specific product from rule
  • Rule can be created for a product feature and its value as well
  • Multi-store - supported
  • Multilingual - supported
  • New Feature: Option to show multiple labels on same position
  • New Feature: Option to name the labels for internal use
  • New Feature: Option to duplicate rules
  • New Feature: Added more size options for text banner font
  • Bugs fixed for PS-8.xx, PS-1.7, PS-1.6

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