Upgrading & Migrating to PrestaShop 1.6 – Views by People

Posted On: Sep 14, 2018

Categories: Prestashop 1.6

In the previous post, we described the various benefits of PrestaShop 1.6 in detail, which are breath taking such as responsiveness, new theme, and new admin panel. Now let’s talk about how to quickly upgrade or migrate to PrestaShop 1.6. Initially, it may seem very easy to upgrade, you might think that just a click and few questions on a popup screen, and that is all it needs to get in line with the new version. However, it is not the case, let us see what problems people are facing after up-gradation;

These are some of the issues taken from PrestaShop Forum, which are faced by people;

  • “Hello, PrestaShop shows double content of my products. I only added 2 products, yet it shows 4 products on the front page” sunreader
  • ” I have found some problems with ajax functions in the new theme using the latest version of Chrome. The cart isn't opening, the quickview is not working, and the "add to cart" below the products either” j3velez
  • “Currently I am doing a test upgrade of my shop, and in the BO I see that a lot of the modules need an upgrade. If I hit upgrade all, it says successful, but nothing happens, they are not updated” Syswatch
  • “ Lost block at tablet (test on iPad mini) - Custom CMS information block. What problem may be?” nicetimes

If you are running an online business, you definitely cannot afford a down-time of even a second. This is where you need to take help from someone who is experienced enough to upgrade to PrestaShop 1.6 easily and quickly. How can you select a good partner? Following are some of the views by people discussed in different forums, on selecting a right ecommerce provider.

  • “the problem with some web designers is they only care about what looks good rather than if it will convert browsers in to buyers. people are very impatient on the web so the design needs to cater to this” youronlinestuffcom
  • “If you have 10 referrals on your site where business owners say you made them money, that's a lot more valuable than 10 pretty site referrals.” billbenson
  • “You need to know that they are up to date, they are design oriented and they are good developers. When you tell them you want ABC, they need to come up with better suggestions because they are the experienced ones. They should NOT be yes men.” Wozcreative
  • “Its really important to see the company's previous work before hiring them.” amelia

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