How to Sell Products by Auction in PrestaShop?

Selling products by auction is among the effective practices of seeking customers’ attention, elevating sales, monetizing idle stock and selling limited edition products at higher prices. The reason to use auctions can vary between e-commerce websites but the central idea is to get maximum customer engagement by allowing them to submit bids.

Usually, most of the eCommerce platforms do not have an in-built functionality for selling products by auction. The website manager either has to alter the code or install a PrestaShop Auction Module that allows the users to bid their favorable prices for the products. Generally, coding is not a recommended option because it takes sufficient time and resources to write, test and debug the code.

In pursuit of a reliable and time efficient solution, we recommend the installation of PrestaShop bidding module. Following is a quick guide for adding auctions to your website and start selling products by bidding.

Step 1: After installation of the plugin, log in to the admin panel and under the ‘Auction’ tab you will see further options.  

Step 2: On the front page, you can see default auctions that are added as examples. You can either edit or delete them or simply disable their statuses. Click on the plus (+) sign for adding a new auction.

Step 3: A new form will appear for adding an auction. Search a product to allowing bidding for it. Use the combination field for adding more products to the auction. Set a status. You can determine a starting, ending and a threshold price for bidding. By entering a start and end date, you can schedule an auction as well. Click Save when you are done with details. 

Step 4: After saving the data, you will be notified about the successful creation. 

Step 5: Now, click ‘View Auctions’ option to view each listing separately. It ensures that the listing has been added to the website. 

Step 6: By clicking the ‘View’ button you can review the auction in detail on a separate page which includes the details about bidding, products, and the number of bidders. 

Step 7: Navigate to the ‘Winners' of the Auction module for PrestaShop, and you can find the users who are awarded a finalized deal.

Step 8: Click on the modules section for configuring general settings of this auction PrestaShop plugin. 

Step 9: In the configuration, you can enable email notifications for the admin about a new bid or winning an auction. Admin can allow notification to customers about bids and enable them to remove bidding history. 

Step 10: After configuration, an ‘Auctions’ tab appears on the home page of your website. 

Step 11: The tab leads your customers to a detailed list of auctions.

Step 12: And finally, it appears on the product page as well. It also displays a ‘SOLD’ label for the products won by users. 

Step 13:  The Auctions page tells the customers about closed and active listings. 

Step 14: Customers can get access to their previous bids by clicking on the ‘My Bids’ button from their accounts and overview the auctions they won or following. 

Step 15: By clicking ‘My Won Auctions,’ they can place orders and proceed to checkout pages. 

Step 16: The ‘My Watch List’ options enables them to view the bids they are following. They can view the details and un-follow an auction whenever they want. 

Step 17: Customers can view the entire record of bidding on different products in a centralized place by clicking ‘My Bidding History.’ They can clear the history as well.

With the above easy to follow steps, you can easily set up an auction for the products you have already added to the website. The PrestaShop auction product module empowers you to initiate bidding for any specific or a combination of products and avail lots of benefits.