10 Best Tips for Designing a Perfect Newsletter in 2015

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

User’s behavior towards email newsletters has been drastically changed. In the past, users love to see simple newsletters having simple information with a website link but now trend is completely changed. Researches show that a mix use of graphics with text in the newsletters is effective. Probably, adding some exciting pictures in newsletter is quite helpful to get user attention just like given in example.

Briefly, I will explain the importance of newsletter, why it is complicated to design and then go to tips directly.

Importance of Newsletter

Newsletters are simultaneously important for B2B and B2C subscribers. It is due to the fact that top professionals and entrepreneurs don’t have much time to see your pages on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. They find it easy to open their email and see the importance ones. These important ones will be those for which they have subscribed through a newsletter. Newsletters are quite effective in ecommerce e.g. PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart etc. They are an effective part of your product marketing campaigns.

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Why it is complicated to design a Newsletter?

Newsletter designing is pretty much tough now because of different screen sizes. People use Smartphone, tablet emulators, Desktops etc.

Now a day, most of the people uses their phones for checking their email. Let’s suppose people are using Apple iPhone 6, HTC ONE, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Y, Google Nexus 7, Apple iPad Mini. All have different screen sizes means that each one gives different user experience. So one should keep in mind that newsletter should be responsive and easily readable at the same time.

Tips for Newsletter Design

Given below are the top tips which you can use in 2015 for designing an effective newsletter.

Responsive Layout

Newsletter should have a responsive view for all devices such that users will feel the same browsing experience on all devices.

Link Placement

Place link of your website at prominent location of your newsletter so that users can easily see the recommendations or offers that you are stating in the newsletter.

Compelling Subject Line

Include a compelling subject line in the newsletter email. It should not look spam or fully advertising. It should be to the point and explaining briefly the purpose of that newsletter.

Newsletter Email Body

In the email newsletter email body, include some compelling text. This will be effective in the case, some email servers blocks the images from your email. Include the text which will compel the reader to allow the image manually even if it gets blocked by server.

Paragraph and line Separation

Use plenty of spacing between lines and paragraph. It is because the mobile users find it quite overlapping text in the newsletter. Don’t afraid of lengthy newsletter in this way, because mobile users don’t mind to scroll down.

Bullets or Headings

To make your newsletter more understandable, don’t forget to use bullets or heading for text frequently in the newsletter. This is especially important when users have short time to read a newsletter. In this way, he will be able to get the idea easily in short time.

Short and Simple body

Keep the newsletter short and simple. Don’t add extra details like table of content, long description etc in the newsletter.

Eye Catching Images

Include some eye catching images in the newsletter so that readers can get information and enjoyment at the same time.

Mix Informative and advertising content

Give a simple mix to the informative and advertising content so that readers feel the newsletter informative rather than promotional. Mixture of 80% informative content and 20% advertising content is fine for you and your audience.

Call to Action

Include call to action links in your newsletter. For example ask the reader to share the newsletter on social media.

Hopefully the above tips will be helpful for your email newsletter campaign and you will be able to get more subscribers while retaining the old ones.