Related Products Module Puts Focus on Real Time Key Performance Indicators and Improves Business Intelligence

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Acquiring a new client is 7-9 times more expensive than selling products or services to the existing clients, a research reveals. Confused about how to do that? FME is here for your rescue with its brand new launch PrestaShop Related Products module. The extension is helpful not just for the e business owners but also for the customers to buy different products at a single place. So, if you want to earn more from your ecommerce business, your website should have this add-on.

Main Features of the Plug-in:

  • Show as many related products as you want on the product page

  • Simply use product combinations or attributes to add related products

  • No complications involved in loading the selected products, it will be done automatically.

  • All the related products appear in a block at the page bottom

  • You can allow customers to add as many products as they want in the shopping cart.

  • Related products appear under a new tab

  • Show even the neglected products of your catalog

  • Help customers in buying the best product at desired price

How Can Similar Products PrestaShop Module Help Growing Sales?

Do you want fries with that?” McDonald’s famous approach. Hit with what customers can buy even if they didn’t planned for that. Convince the loyal customers to buy related products because it’s the best offer from your end. It’s an effective approach to improve sales and build up revenue.

FMM’s related products extension for 1.6 PrestaShop focuses the performance indicators, which is integral to plan for growing sales. The add-on improves the business intelligence because with fewer efforts, less investment, you can see the piling up sales. How does this extension help growing sales of your ecommerce store? Here are the suggestions!

Offer Bundle Packages: Offer special discounts on bundle packages to the customers making big purchases from your store. The best example can be the bundle of beauty products offered in small sizes and lower price. Let the customers realize they are into the best bargain.

Offer Expert Professional Services In Bundle: The best example can be of insurance providers, who can benefit from this, plug-in on their website, provided they are offering services at reasonable rates. Customers don’t want to wander for one or the other insurance and will prefer getting all (life, health and auto) at the same place. Using special discounts can appeal them. The professional services of any other kind could benefit from this extension.

Bundle Up Services With Products: Many products need services and many services can be bundled up with products. The best example is of restaurants, offering special sauces and spices used in their meals. Hair or beauty salons usually offer related products to their existing customers so that they could try those products at home. However, this approach is good only if the products are of high quality, otherwise the damage to the business would be disturbing.

Benefit from Package Marketing: In collaboration with partners, you can offer the related products using “FMEModules” plug-in. If you own an electronic products’ website, you can offer the customers to buy the battery of some specific brand (your partner). You can also offer detachable coupon on complimentary products so that customers could think about buying. For example, at an office furniture shop, if a customer buys a table, he could see the detachable coupon on chair. This approach ensures your sales growth and proves business intelligence.

Offer Compulsory Additional Items Needed: Retailers know how to force customers buy the related products because they will need them. For example, a new camera might need batteries, tripod, carrying case, etc., so FME’s PrestaShop similar product add-on offers an effective approach to sell many products to a single customer. The furniture shops dealing in bedroom furniture can offer a mattress, as the customers would need that.

Offering related products to the customers is an intelligent business decision, which is facilitated by the new launch of FME. However, a business owner should have a clear picture of how the customers will respond to the related products. The offers should be made compelling so that it would become hard to avoid. By using this extension, you are going to facilitate the customers, by lowering the time spent on shopping related items and getting all at reasonable rates. The satisfied customers will surely recommend you to their friends and families.

Enjoy multi-dimensional benefits of FMM’s related products module!