List of Free Blog Modules for PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of the pioneering platforms, developed for setting up Prestashop eCommerce websites. The reason it was meant to sell goods and services online, the platform does not include a publishing tool. It is the reason you need to install the PrestaShop blog module. Blogging is the need of the hour as online buyers want to know more about a product, its manufacturer, or the vendor before spending their hard-earned money. The need to educate potential customers with valuable content has made a blog section a must-have for online stores. We bring you a list of free blog modules to choose from.

Smart Blog Free Prestashop Blog Module 

The Smart blog for PrestaShop is one of the effective tools for adding a news and articles section to your eCommerce website. It is free to download and easy to integrate. The module helps in creating blog pages without any hassle. These pages can further be classified into topics and concepts, which are called categories. You can also add tags to make each blog post appear in search engines against multiple search terms. Some of its features include:

  • Create blog pages
  • Display blog posts on home pages
  • Arrange them in ascending or descending order
  • Add a custom image type
  • Create a blog tree with categories
  • Enable comments to increase readers' engagement

Simple Blog Free Prestashop Blog Module 

Simple blog PrestaShop is a free tool to equip your store with the ability to add and manage blog posts, news, stories, and lots of captivating content. Adding informative and educational content to your PrestaShop-powered online store can drive more traffic that leads to higher conversions and customer loyalty. It comes with the following features:

  • Add a blog section to the eCommerce website
  • Manage several blog posts
  • Add text, images, and videos to blog posts
  • Configure meta title, description, & keywords
  • Summarize each post with a short description
  • List or Grid view for blog posts

Free Prestashop Blog Module Blog Post 

The PrestaShop module Blog Post is another free and useful tool for setting up a publishing section for your online store. it comes with a limited functionality for creating blog post pages that's why it is useful for small-size eCommerce websites who are not pursuing blogging for branding and lead acquisition. it has all a newly launched store may need, however, for advanced features, it may later need a premium module. Its key features it exhibits include:

  • Add a blog section
  • Create an unlimited number of blog pages
  • Classify blog posts into categories
  • Display a specific number of articles on the shop page
  • Setup a default blog thumbnail
  • Add a publishing date, time, and author image

Free Drop in Blog Module

The Drop-in blog PrestaShop module gives you the freedom to connect with your target audience through useful articles and blog posts. It allows you to add a separate blog section to your store to publish valuable content that is crafted for potential users. You can turn a blog section into a leads-generating machine if it is loaded with informative and engaging content. It is free, quick to install, and easy to use. The features it carries include:

  • Create a blog section
  • Easy to publish and schedule blog posts
  • On-page SEO configurations
  • Multiple author account creation
  • Add images and biographies of authors
  • Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo
  • Enable Facebook and Disqus comments

Advanced Blog

The Advanced blog for PrestaShop is an innovative and feature-rich tool to help you turn a boring eCommerce site into a knowledge bank. It is a premium tool that comes with advanced functionality that is the need of the hour. From publishing valuable content such as articles, blog posts, and news; it allows store managers to craft detailed product reviews for the ease and understanding of the end users.

Potential customers of an eCommerce website often lack the knowledge they need to make a decision. They may need a feature-wise comparison of different products, their benefits, and practical usage. Some of the advanced features of this PrestaShop blog module are:

  • Created a dedicated blog section for news, articles, and updates
  • Compose blog posts in WYSIWYG editor to better format it
  • Create categories to club news and articles of similar interest
  • Form a media gallery to highlight images & videos
  • Highlight recent posts, categories, comments, and archives with blocks
  • Add a search block to help readers find articles on a specific topic
  • Advanced SEO configuration for higher visibility and traffic


Starting a blog is a greater initiative. It requires time to craft a content marketing strategy and a feature-rich module to make the most out of your corporate blog. It may include useful articles, product reviews, company news and updates, product launches, and upcoming discounts, or how-to articles. The list in this article includes some of the useful tools. Review them to choose the one that is suitable to your blogging and publishing needs.