Custom Product Design
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Prestashop Customization - Custom Product Designer

  • Modify to customers needs
  • PrestaShop
    1.6, 1.7.x

PrestaShop Product customization Module allows your customers to personalize products on your store by adding text, numbers and images with custom font colors. You can sell your customizable products such as cards, cups, posters and T-shirts by allowing customers to customize them from the product page. Customers can upload images, change the placement position, and edit font color and style. Advanced pricing rules to meet your unique requirements

-  Enable customization design panel on any product

-  Provide multiple images, fonts & colors to customize products

-  Allow Customers to upload images & position them

-  Uses HTML & JavaScript (NO Flash)

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Overview of Prestashop Custom Product Designer

PrestaShop product designer module enables your customers to make changes to your products according to their preferences. It adds a “Customize Product” button on the product page which allows customers to instantly edit product designs such as cards, cups and T-shirts by adding text, predefined images and custom images on them. PrestaShop t shirt designer extension serves as an excellent tailoring tool for the particular demands of customers when they need the product for personal use, for event purposes or when gifting it to someone. You can configure settings from the back end and set font size, position, character limit, taglines and pricing for the customization.

Key Features of Product Customization Module for PrestaShop

General Settings

  • Upload and edit different fonts and images
  • You can edit colors and add new ones
  • Admin can enable/disable specific font(s), image(s), color(s)
  • Enable/disable specific fonts, colors and images
  • Enable/disable customer uploads on product page
  • You can configure the dimension for design preview in cart
  • The orders details page shows custom design of the customer
  • Allow customers to choose from predefined images selected by you
  • Add option to enable/disable customization sides--front-back
  • Add option to set default color
  • Add option to set default font
  • Added customized preview to customization list on product page
  • Added option to preview customized list in fancy box on product page
  • Updated canvas library

Product Settings

  • Two images can be set for product customization
  • You can limit the number of characters being used in text field
  • The product design image from available list can be selected by you
  • Set Predefined positions for the images and text
  • Set font size for the text fields using PrestaShop t shirt design module
  • You can configure custom pricing for each customization

Front Office

  • Customers can select fonts from preloaded fonts list
  • Customers can select colors from colors list
  • Predefined positions on the product allows customers to enter text and add images
  • Customers can choose from preloaded images or upload custom image from their device
  • Customers can add multiple designs at once when you install product designer PrestaShop plugin
  • Live preview of customization on a product
  • Shows live calculation of the custom design by the customer
  • Cart page shows customization made by the customers

Merchant Benefits

Generate Revenue

It helps you to maximize your store revenues by allowing customers to make custom designs on products of their choice. They can set the images from the gallery or upload custom image, write text on multiple sides and select the font color of the text. By using all these services from your store revenue generation will increase.

Set Pricing

You can set custom pricing of the product for each option from the backend. You can set Price for Image, Price for Tags, Price for Number and Price for Text. PrestaShop customize product module also allows you to set a special price as well which includes customization of text and number under the cost of one. This attracts customers and increases conversion rate.

Customization of Backend

Through backend you can configure several options regarding text, image and size. The back office allows you to set limit on the number of characters being used in the text, allow customers to select designs uploaded by you, set predefined positions, change size of the font and add custom colors for the text. You can personalize these settings and show it on the front end.

What your Customers will like

Purchase with Precise Requirements

Customers can add all the necessary details required in the product. Instead of purchasing products and customizing it themselves from other vendors, customers can easily pay a small fee and have the customization done by the supplier. This removes hassle and gives the customer a user friendly experience.

Uses for this PrestaShop product builder Module

In several occasions there certain items required to show specific designation for someone through text or images. It can be your business card, a T-shirt with the player’s number on it or even a coffee mug with a message for someone. Product customization PrestaShop module allows customers to acquire products for their personal use, for events, ceremonies as well as gifts for others.

Customization of Frontend

On the product page, customers can select fonts from preloaded fonts list, choose colors, set the text/image on places predefined by the merchant. Customers can add multiple custom designs and upload them to the cart in one try. The price calculation of these designs can be done live. In the final cart process the customers can view their changes made on the product and complete to the checkout.

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Prestashop Customization - Custom Product Designer

Prestashop Customization - Custom Product Designer