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Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Share and Follow

  • Expedite Social shares
  • PrestaShop
    1.5, 1.6, 1.7.x

PrestaShop Social Share and Follow  Module consists of two separate blocks for Sharing and Follow options. Both blocks are configurable, you can place them anywhere on any page, customize their top and left/right margins, labels. This addon comes with horizontal and vertical format having different styles and allows you to place the widget at convenient position according to your website layout.

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Once you have achieved the biggest milestone and that is your product, service or any information you think is useful for people, next big challenge is to Share it with millions of people out there on the internet. PrestaShop Share and Follow addon perform this job accurately for you. It lets your services, products or any blog go viral through social media with just one click. Here is what you get with this PrestaShop Social Module.

  • Allow millions of people to follow your product or services from unlimited social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumble, Youtube Digg etc.
  • RSS feed subscription supported
  • Add any social platform you like in the share compact menu.
  • Customizable PrestaShop Share and Follow Widget that can be placed anywhere on home page, inner pages e.g. product page, category page etc.
  • 7 different widget styles, choose any style you like such as vertical, horizontal and at any position such as on right or left of the page.
  • Market your products to global audience and brings more traffic
  • Makes your website to the modern standards

Configuration Features:

  • Customizable Title for Share and Follow Block
  • Choose left or right column for the widget.
  • Can enter top and left/right margin for the position of widget
  • Manually add/remove any social platform such as Sprouter, ThisorThat etc. easily into share compact menu.
  • Two separate configurable blocks for Share and Follow that can positioned separately
  • User can hook share block to footer and Left column.

Ask for more information if you require or have any questions even if you require any customization. We will be glad to assist you with your requirements.

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Share and Follow

Share and Follow