Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

  • version PrestaShop
    v1.5.x - v1.6

PrestaShop Facebook Comments Module allows your customers and visitors to post comments, feedback, reviews, and testimonials on product pages. They can login via Facebook and post comments instantly. This tool advertises your products through social media and helps you get the insights of what people think about your products. 

  1. Enable Facebook comments Option On Product Pages
  2. Let Customers Post Feedback, Reviews And Comments On Products
  3. No Account Needed, Single Click Facebook Login To Post Comments

Overview of Prestashop Facebook Comments Module

By integrating PrestaShop Facebook Comments Extension your product testimonials, reviews, comments etc. are posted directly on your visitors Facebook profiles. This increases brand awareness and definitely increases sales as well. This extension allows users to post Facebook comments on product detail pages. To post comments users would have to login through any of the following accounts instead of creating new account,

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Hotmail

From the admin section you can configure following settings,

  • Title of the block
  • Width of the box
  • Number of posts to display on product detail pages
  • Color Scheme
  • Order of comments

This PrestaShop social media module offers a way to advertise your products through social media automatically.  On the other side it’s kind of a measurement tool that provides you insights of what people think about your products, any downsides and then covers them up. Ultimately it makes your products more solid.

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