Prestashop Affiliate Module with Loyalty Coins

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Prestashop Affiliate Module with Loyalty Coins

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PrestaShop Affiliate Module allows you to start a Prestashop affiliate program for your customers to bring referral customers, boost your earnings, and get rewarded for their efforts. The Prestashop Affiliate program aims to achieve revenue targets without spending on marketing and advertising campaigns.

  1. Complete affiliates and referrals management
  2. Option to give rewards on fixed or percentage basis
  3. Multiple referral rules
  4. Advance payment and withdrawal management
  5. Offer discounts to referred customers 
  6. Advance statistical reporting using graphs and plots
  7. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Our PrestaShop Affiliate Module is also available on Prestashop Addons.

Overview of Prestashop Affiliate Module

Affiliate marketing has become a necessity for modern-day businesses due to the increasing expenses of advertising and promotional mediums. With the help of our PrestaShop referral program module, you can introduce a comprehensive marketing program for your customers. They can promote products and services on your behalf and in return, they get a fair share of the sales.

You can automate the process of rewarding customers for each user they introduce to your store via registration. Furthermore, they can qualify for higher rewards if their referrals place an order. That’s the magic of affiliate program marketing. Everybody wins!

Features Highlights - Prestashop Loyalty Coins System

The latest update to our Prestashop Affiliate module includes a complete Loyalty Coins Reward System. Loyalty coins is a rewards program designed to encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchases. It operates by assigning virtual "coins" to customers based on the number of their purchases on the online store. These coins can then be accumulated and redeemed by purchasing an item from the store or by withdrawing an equivalent amount to the bank account.

  • User can earn coins based on their purchases from the store
  • Users can also withdraw coins
  • The value of each coin in dollars is defined by the admin at the backend
  • Admin can also define how many coins can be redeemed for ordering at a time
  • Admin can also select when the user will get the coins after completing a purchase by selecting "Status to Approve Order Reward" at the backend

Key Features of PrestaShop Referral Module

  • Allow customers to become your affiliates and earn money
  • Option to manually or automatically approve referral requests.
  • Enable customers to refer friends via email to join the affiliate program or purchase from the store
  • The customers will get a fixed amount or percentage reward of the order placed by their referral.
  • Customers can introduce their dear ones through their referral links
  • Admin can also generate referral links
  • The referral links can be shared on social media to invite more friends
  • You and your affiliate customers can view accepted an invitation to join your store
  • You can also send reminders to those who have not accepted the invitations
  • Statistics provide you and your customers an insight of the referral, rewards and available balances
  • Customers can easily withdraw the available balance through selected payment methods
  • Configure email notification settings
  • Add an unlimited number of registration rules
  • Define the rewards each customer gets for referring more users
  • Oversee the withdrawal request by each affiliate
  • Send payments to customers PayPal accounts with a single click of ‘Pay Now’
  • You can enable/disable registration
  • Banners section added for affiliates so they can quick share it
  • Individual Coupon for system added for affiliates
  • Individual discounts coupon system added for affiliates
  • Individual category base discount reward system added
  • Individual product base discount reward system added
  • New quick view discounts menu added
  • 4 level affiliate program system added
  • Quick convert customers to affiliates system introduced
  • Bulk convert customers to affiliates system introduced
  • Payout history section added
  • Affiliate shareable voucher code section added on front end
  • Wire Transfer payment method added with option to set a fee
  • Quick copy button added on front end for affiliate link
  • Parent reward percentage system added if affiliate level is child
  • Affiliate program are only available to customers who has completed x number of purchases
  • Option to block affiliate temporarily
  • Option to set custom payment methods from the backend.
  • Improved UI to make a Reward system easier
  • Show reward system in user account
  • Option to show reward info on the product, category page
  • Option to limit rewards display for the product for which there is specific price i.e sale
  • When the user joins the store using an affiliate link, the signup page shows the referral
  • User account shows who was his referral
  • Option to select product categories for a referral program
  • Optimized BO UI design
  • Admin can enable loyalty coins for customers
  • Admin can enable disable coins withdraw option for user
  • Option to show how much coins user will earn on product page
  • Option to define coins value in dollar
  • Option to define dollar value in coins
  • Option to limit coin usage per order
  • Option to show custom message regarding loyalty coins on product page

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