Prestashop Private Shop Addon - Login to See Products / Store

prestashop private shop module

Prestashop Private Shop Addon - Login to See Products / Store

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The PrestaShop Private Shop Addon enables the customization of store access privileges through login authentication. This allows for the privatization of the entire store, select products, categories, or CMS pages. Customers are required to log in or register to gain entry to the shop or specific sections.

  1. Privatize the whole shop or specific section of your store
  2. Force users to login/register
  3. Option to include password on any page
  4. Auto or manually approve new registration
  5. Enable / Disable new user registration form
  6. Allow/Disallow Google to Crawl and rank your private pages
  7. Display a custom background image or video on the private login/signup page
  8. Option to put a password for access
  9. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

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Overview of Prestashop Private Store Addon

The main idea of restricting products to specific people is not just to make them registered users, but to sell high-end products at very convincing rates to the specific customers. This is an effective strategy for gathering users first and then converting them into loyal buyers of your products.

Prestashop Private Shop is a perfect B2B module to hide your whole store or specific section from the general public and keep it accessible to only registered users. Admin can also restrict pages by password and users with passwords will be allowed to enter the page or site. Admin can also disable auto-registration meaning all the new registered customers will have to be approved by the admin before they can access the shop.

Check out video below for details:

Back Office features of Prestashop Private shop addon:

  • Editable login title
  • Editable signup title
  • Changeable form position (left, right, center) on front.
  • Enable/Disable new private registration.
  • Choose between the background image and the background color on the front.
  • Privatize your whole shop or only selected pages
  • Privatize selected product(s).
  • Privatize selected categories.
  • Privatize selected CMS pages.
  • Allow specific IPs to access your private shop.
  • List of all private customers.
  • View detail of each private customer.
  • Delete a private customer.
  • Better interface for Back office
  • Enable/Disable auto-approval of new customer registrations
  • If Auto-Approval is off, review and activate new customers from the back-office (No need to buy a separate plugin to manually approve new registrations)
  • You can also disable the signup button i.e. new customer registrations
  • Multi-language Login form/Signup form titles
  • Choose a temporary image as a background image till the YouTube connects
  • Option to show custom message when a new customer registers. This appears when the auto-approval of a new customer is disabled.
  • Option to set/change background opacity of form block
  • Option to choose a new modern form theme by FME or default theme inherited from user theme styles.
  • Option to show/hide store title on the front end
  • Option to restrict OR allow Google to index your website & show in search results - SEO
  • Multiple filtration options added to customers’ block/grid in the back office.
  • An email is sent to user upon activation of the account by the administrator.
  • An email is sent to the administrator upon new registration request if new account restriction is enabled.
  • Customer groups base restrictions added
  • Restrict unlimited Custom URLs of shops to privatize
  • Option to hide Newsletter signup - PS-1.7 only
  • Option to hide offers of partners signup - PS-1.7 only
  • Option to hide birth date selection at signup - PS-1.7 only
  • Option to hide Gender selection at signup - PS-1.7 only
  • Option to select Custom logo for the private area
  • Overrides removed

Front Office features of Prestashop Private shop module:

  • Better interface for Front office
  • Private customer login form
  • Private registration form for new users
  • Forget password
  • Added option to enable/disable theme header and footer
  • Add an option to protect pages (product, category, cms and meta pages) with a unique password
  • Option to add custom fields on the sign up form

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