Prestashop Private CMS Page | B2B CMS Module

Prestashop Private CMS

Prestashop Private CMS Page | B2B CMS Module

  • best module Restrict Your CMS Pages
  • version PrestaShop
    v1.7 - v8.x

The Prestashop Private CMS Pages Module gives you the option only to allow selected users to access the Prestashop CMS page. This means you can create multiple Prestashop CMS pages with each relevant to your specific customer groups and then allow only that customer group to access them.

  1. Privatize one or more Prestashop CMS pages
  2. Give access to private Prestashop CMS pages based on user groups
  3. Option to show a customizable message to restricted customers
  4. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades

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Advantages Offered by Prestashop CMS Page Module

Having different content for your B2B customers is essential, but wouldn't it be great if regular shoppers never saw it? With the Private Prestashop CMS Pages module, you can restrict access to specific CMS pages, like Privacy Policy or Return Policy. It ensures only your B2B customers see this confidential information.  

Stop managing visibility manually and take control with this user-friendly module today! 

Just a few clicks and you'll have a cleaner, more secure storefront experience for everyone.

PrestaShop CMS Exclusivity

The Private CMS Pages module for PrestaShop isn't just for B2B! Do you have special brochures, user manuals, or forms you only want certain customers to see? This module lets you restrict access to any special content on your site. Grant access to specific user groups, so only the customers you choose can view this valuable information. 

Increase customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized experience and showcasing exclusive offers. 

Try the Private Prestashop CMS Pages module today and see the difference!

Features offered by Prestashop Private CMS Page Module

  • Restrict CMS pages from User Groups
  • Option to restrict one, all, or multiple CMS pages
  • Option to put restrictions on one, all, or multiple user groups
  • The restricted customers will be shown a custom message
  • The custom message can be edited from the backend using WYSIWYG editor

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