Prestashop Gift Card Addon - Gift Vouchers and Certificates

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Prestashop Gift Card Addon - Gift Vouchers and Certificates

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Create and sell your store gift cards to your customers which they can share with their friends and family using Prestashop Gift Card Addon. You can create gift card with multiple customization options such as:

  1. Create Unlimited Gift Cards for different events
  2. Offer fixed and percentage-based discounts
  3. Keep a fixed gift card amount or let customers enter their custom amount
  4. Customers can send gift vouchers to their loved ones
  5. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Store
  6. Users can set a later date on which gift card will be automatically sent
  7. No subscription fee. Free lifetime support and upgrades.

Our PrestaShop Gift Card Module is one of the top-rated modules on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace with over 30 reviews and 1,600 downloads. Click to visit our PrestaShop Gift Card Module on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

Powerful Features of Prestashop Gift Card Addon

PrestaShop Gift Card module gives you a great way to acquire new customers as well as retain the existing customers. Your customers can buy gift certificates on your website for their friends and families. Once they have purchased a gift vouchers, they can send it to their friends via email. This addon allows you to create unlimited gift cards with the following features:

  • Custom label and gift card image
  • You can choose how many times a card can be used
  • You can configure the length of a code
  • You can offer discounts with gift cards as well
  • Discounts can be applied in fixed amount or in percentage
  • Include or exclude tax from the discount amount
  • Discounts can be applied to specific orders or on products
  • Configure the validity date of gift card coupon
  • Enable free shipping
  • Select price type such as drop-down, fixed or in a range
  • Enter the price of gift card
  • User can enable/disable VAT tax option
  • Added feature to set order validation state for gift product
  • Field validations on FO
  • Added feature to set tax rate on gift product in BO
  • Added feature to enter description for gift product in WYSIWYG
  • Admin can set the validity period of the gift card (i.e X days/months)
  • Option to Enable/Disable free shipping with gift cards
  • Option to Enable/Disable gift voucher partial usage
  • Custom Email templates creation (multilingual)
  • Separate tab for admin to display the ordered gift cards
  • Manually send later, gift cards on a single click from ordered gift cards list
  • Gift cards can be send later using a cron task
  • Send to friend with a later date
  • Template selection on "send to friend" mode on product page
  • Template selection on "send to friend" on My purchased gift card section
  • Template Preview option available on both product and my purchased gift card section
  • New Block added an order details page, showing voucher info.

Separate Gift Card Category

This plugin adds a gift cards page on your website where all cards will be displayed. Customers will see a new tab once they are logged in to their accounts, named as “My Gift cards”. They can view and send gift cards to their friends from their accounts.  

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