Best Magento and WooCommerce plugins you must be using on your Webshop

Posted On: Mar 18, 2019

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Magento and WooCommerce are surely expediting parallel in providing a user-friendly and easy to manage eCommerce platform to the merchants around the globe. The merchants and business owner are often less familiar with the technology that is empowering web presence of their venture. For them, the selection of an eCommerce platform does not matter as long as their core business requirements are met.

Magento and WooCommerce are both flourishing by leaps and bounds. We cannot deduce that the one is superior to the other as each application provides a simple user interface that is a practical and cost-effective solution to many. These platforms have made available all the basic features to push the beginners, help them kick-start their ideas, and go live.

These start-ups, or small to medium size enterprises, can continue earning by personalizing the built-in features and themes according to the nature of their business. Whereas large size entities need core changes to the design, user experience, navigation, and usability of their website.

They can either custom develop tools or get quick assistance from the extensions and add-ons developed for the eCommerce application they use. In this post, some of the must-have tools for both, the Magento and WooCommerce, are described to help you easily select the required one.

Top Extensions for Magento users

Magento 2 Product Image Zoom Extension

The online stores often suffer from the limitation of providing real-like product preview to the users. The visitors complain that some of the stores do not display a detailed view of products through images. The Magento Product Image Zoom extension is developed to answer their problems. It allows merchants to facilitate users in zooming in and out the product images to examine the make, model, and material of a product in detail.

This extension is equipped with the following features;

  •        Users can magnify product images on mouse hover
  •        Click image for a full-screen preview
  •        Merchants can allow image zoom on specific products and categories
  •        It also supports a mobile-friendly image zooming option

Magento 2 Photo Gallery Extension

The addition of an exclusive image gallery improves user engagement on an eCommerce website. With Magento Image Gallery and Product Photo Gallery extension, you can improve user experience by adding captivating images not only to a product but an entire website as well.

The extension creates a dedicated page to showcase all the high-quality images. The users can view the images and browse the attached products. The addition of photo gallery to products is also a way forward to improving the usability of images and understandability among potential consumers. Following are some of the key features of this amazing image gallery tool.

  •        Add high-quality images to your eCommerce website
  •        Upload multiple photos and attach them to products
  •        Exhibit images in a quick to open pop-up or a lightbox
  •        Select a display style for a photo gallery
  •        Add social media sharing buttons to images

Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension

Magento Product Attachment extension is bridging the gap between the end user and manufacturer/supplier of a product. It allows merchants to put additional content to product and CMS pages in the shape of images, presentations, guides, tutorials. The plugin supports the addition of multiple file formats like .doc, .docs, .xls, jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, etc. All the files are made available on a dedicated page as well so that users can easily find and download the relevant file. The features include,

  •        Upload and attach multiple files to products and CMS pages
  •        A separate page houses all the files for the uses to download
  •        Add files with numerous formats  
  •        Confine file download facility to a store view or customer group
  •        Attach links to web and videos as product attachments

Magento 2 Add Order Attribute

If you want to collect extra order information from your clients on the checkout page, make use of the Magento 2 order attributes extension. It empowers you to add unlimited number of custom checkout fields including text field, text area, checkbox, radio button, date, and Yes/No. Easy configuration settings of the custom order attributes allow you to display them on any checkout step. Set the position of fields, make them optional or mandatory and configure them for input validation.
Other features of the extension are given below:

  •       Upload and attach multiple files to products and CMS pages
  •       Add unlimited fields with 9 different field types to build a custom checkout
  •       Display the created fields in emails and PDF invoices
  •       Restrict the custom order attributes by customer group
  •       Provide tooltip information with each custom attribute
  •       Setup input validation to acquire accurate data

Tools for online stores built on WooCommerce

WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Design Plugin

Do you want your customers to design their business or wedding cards, and flyers without seeking an expert designer? Well, you can do so with a quick installation of WooCommerce business card designer plugin that adds a simple and friendly canvas right to your eCommerce website and let the users design themselves.

The plugin carries a collection of clipart that is duly classified in categories. You can add up more art, sign, and symbols, to the existing categories and create new ones. Encourage the users to design, send their creations to print, and maximize your revenue.  You avail the following features in this plugin.

  •        Allow users to design flyers, and business or wedding cards
  •        Add carious templates to aid designing
  •        Enable card design for the front as well as the back side
  •        You can add clipart, and images to the collection

WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin

A conventional checkout requires the users to be familiar with the multiple processes, which is a major constraint in creating a smooth user experience. WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin removes the hassle by simplifying the entire process.

The plugin offers the creation of 3 simple checkout methods to facilitate users in quickly ordering and paying for the products. The 3 methods include one-click checkout, one-page, and sticky checkout.  You get the following features packed in this plugin.

  •        3 user-friendly checkout methods one-click, one-page, stick checkout
  •        Add more Calls to action tag on landing pages
  •        Personalize the calls to action buttons

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce plugin offers post-purchase upsell offers, i.e. after the checkout is done. Customers can buy these upsell products in just one click with no hassle of re-entering the payment details or adding the product to the cart again.

With the One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce plugin you can:

  • Create unlimited funnels with an unlimited number of offers.
  • Get a comprehensive track report for every single funnel.
  • Track your upsell funnel data on Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Create a global funnel that triggers regardless of any product or category.
  • Offer an Upgrade on the Existing purchase to your customers.
  • Show exclusive offers based on the order email.
  • Display intelligent upsell offers by skipping funnel for the same offer product.
  • View and edit your funnels in sandbox mode.
  • Offer upsell products in different ways with 3 pre-defined offer templates.
  • Link your own custom upsell offer page in the funnel.
  • Use pre-defined shortcodes to create offer page elements.
  • Create fully customizable upsell offer pages without any coding skills.
  • Build responsive and product-specific offer pages.

The plugin is free but if you want some more functionality, you can purchase a single site plan at $69.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts Plugin

Do you want to auto-calculate discounts if users select high number or amount of products from your store? With WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin, you can do so while you are away from the dashboard. Install the plugin, configure discount rules, and let the users avail subsidized pricing on their purchases. The plugin boasts the following features.

  •        Allow discounts on product catalog and cart pages
  •        Automate discounts on products, product variations, and categories
  •        Configure rules for reducing cart and catalog amount
  •        Offer special deals and discounts on the basis of quantity
  •        Allow specific customer groups to grab discounts

WooCommerce CSV Export Import Plugin

Adding data or extracting it from an eCommerce website requires expert knowledge, but WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin has made it easier for you. It allows you to export details about selective products, categories, orders, and customers in a CSV file format.

The export feature empowers you to extract data with certain conditions as well. In the same manner, you can import data from another source by uploading a CSV file to the plugin configuration settings. The features of this plugin are;

  •        Import or Export Data about products, categories, orders, and customers
  •        Utilize export filters to extract data with specific details
  •        The CSV export file is easy to customize
  •        PHP excel library ensure swift import/export actions

WooCommerce 360° Product Image Plugin

WooCommerce 360° image plugin is the most effective tool in glorifying product preview on your eCommerce website. It allows you to enable panoramic view for a product to assist users in having an overview all around the product. Upload high-quality product photography from various angles and enable the 360° view. The users can zoom in and out the product images for a close acquaintance. You get the following features.

  •        Add 360° Image Preview to your Products
  •        Allow users to zoom in and out the product photos
  •        Enable lightbox and a full-screen preview of the images

WooCommerce Product Image Zoom Plugin

If you are struggling to improve the user experience of your landing pages, make the image zoom feature a compulsory one to the design. The WordPress users can seek assistance from the WooCommerce Product Image zoom plugin that offers the addition three different types of image zoom. It includes a magnifier, full-screen lightbox preview, and 360° rotation. The features include,

  •        Configure magnifier, lightbox, or 360° view as image zoom
  •        Add image zoom feature to products, categories, or any other page
  •        Allow magnifier zoom on mouse hover or click
  •        Personalize each zooming option

WooCommerce Related Products Plugin

The online store needs to sell more in order to achieve targets. But, the users are unable to find all of their products due to the multiple categories or poor navigational style. WooCommerce Related Products plugin is here to address such issues in your online store.

It brings forward relevant products on landing pages to help the potential buyers consider them too in adding to the cart. You can configure the addition of relevant products to the widget to generate revenues with cross-selling and up-selling. The core features are;

  •        Enable a recommendation to engage to suggest relevant products
  •        You can add products to the widget manually as well
  •        Select the slider layout either vertical or horizontal
  •        Display Related Products slider on any page you want

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Reminder

A great number of potential buyers leave an eCommerce website without completing their purchases, and the store managers are unable to sort out the issues. WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder plugin is developed to make them come them and complete their purchases.  The plugin auto-sends email reminders that are backed with discounts and coupons to encourage the users in finishing their incomplete orders. You can configure the following features of this tool.

  • Automate sending the abandoned cart reminder emails
  • Manually send the reminders to your potential customers
  • Add Cart link to the reminder email
  • Accompany discount (fixed/percentage) coupons to the reminders
  • Configure email notifications for abandoned carts
  • Track progress with converted reminder emails 

WooCommerce Registration Form Plugin

WooCommerce registration form plugin allows store owners to customize the registration page of WooCommerce website. This extension offers various fields to add in registration form such as radio button, checkbox, select box, text area etc. and customize the labels accordingly. With this plugin, they can easily ask any question from customers during the registration process which they can use for any purpose.

  •        13 types of fields to add in registration form
  •        Drag and drop the fields
  •        Customize the field labels
  •        Add conditional fields
  •        Enable/Disable default fields
  •        Make fields mandatory or optional for customers
  •        Free Facebook and Twitter login functionality

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin

WooCommerce measurement price calculator plugin enables store owners to sell products by area, volume, and weight. With the plugin merchants can sell any product on their e-store like rice by kg, fabrics by square foot, mulch by volume, PVC pipes by length etc. This plugin calculates the price based on user input by measuring the unit price and display on product page.   

  •        Sell product by weight, area, and volume
  •        Adds calculator to product pages
  •        Supports variable products
  •        Sell products by Box
  •        Various measurement units to sell product such as sqft, ft, kg, lb, l, etc.
  •        Displays pricing table in product tab 

WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

WooCommerce product filter plugin allow customers to filter the products by brand, category, price, size, color etc. This plugin uses Ajax technology to display the results without reloading the page which enhances the user experience. Online store owners can also create the custom tags to enable any filter on our e-store. This plugin help customers to find any product from the huge catalog on e-store s.

  •        Add unlimited filters on your e-stores
  •        It uses Ajax technology to filter the products
  •        Customers can filter the products and reset all the filters
  •        Enables product filter by brand, category, price, size etc.
  •        Create custom attribute to filter the products
  •         Multiple product sorting options

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin

Rather than making invoices and slips by hand, store owners can use WooCommerce PDF invoices and packing slips plugin to save the time. This plugin automatically creates the PDF invoices, packing slips and shipping labels as well. They can customize the invoice by adding their business detail such as name, address, logo, etc. It also enables 6 types of different templates for invoices which they can use to their accordingly.

  •        Auto generates the PDF invoices, shipping labels and packing slips
  •        Customize invoices such as Business name, address, logo etc.
  •        Multiple invoice templates
  •        View and edit PDF invoices from BO
  •        Enable invoice numbering
  •        Select color and font size for invoice template

WooCommerce Extra Product Options Addon

It allows e-store owners to display extra product options on product page. WooCommerce extra product options addon enables various fields to create product options such as text area, select box, radio button, file upload etc. Store owners can set the price for each option which helps to enhance revenue of your ecommerce website. They can create global option to display that option on all the products. 

  •        9 types of fields to create product options
  •        Create unlimited product options
  •        Set price for each product option
  •        Create product specific or global option
  •        Exclude global option
  •        Set fixed or percentage price

WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

To protect the e-store images WooCommerce watermark plugin is perfect solution. With this plugin e-store owners can watermark their precious images with text and image. They can write the business’ name and upload the logo to place on images as a watermark. They can set the opacity of watermark and choose the suitable position to place the watermark.

  •        Watermark product pictures with text and image
  •        Apply watermark to shop, product, and thumbnail images
  •        Add watermark to specific products and categories
  •        Choose repeat option to display watermark multiple times
  •        Apply background color to product images
  •        Create rules and set priorities for watermarks

WooCommerce Product Slider Plugin

WooCommerce store owners can highlight the products and categories in the slider by using WooCommerce product slider plugin. With this plugin they can create shortcodes and place them on any product or CMS page to display the product slider. It also allows to auto-play the slider or let the customers to play it manually. They can customize the slider to their accordingly such as time interval, pagination speed, loop /rewind etc.

  •        Create unlimited product sliders to display on product or CMS page
  •        Display specific products and categories in the slider
  •        Create shortcodes for slider
  •        Manually or auto-play the slider
  •        Customize the slider such as color of price and add to cart button
  •        Product slider is fully responsive

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

Store owners can allow bulk discounts on products and categories by using Woocommerce dynamic pricing plugin. They can create rules to provide discount on catalog and cart as well. It also enables them to add conditions to allow discount the specific or group of customers.   With WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin they can create special offer for customers like buy one and get other free. They can allow fixed or percentage discount as well.

  •        Allow bulk discount on cart and catalog
  •        Create quantity based discounts or special offers
  •        Set fixed or percentage discount
  •        Offer discount to specific customers
  •        Allow discount on products, categories and product variations
  •        Initiate Bogo offers like buy one and get other one for free

WooCommerce FAQ Plugin

WooCommerce FAQ plugin is an easy solution to add FAQ section on product pages. It also enables ask a question button on product pages which display the form when users click this button. Store owners can add the frequently asked questions with answers to display on product pages. It enables WYSIWYG editor which makes easy for admin to add images, videos or links to display provide perfect solutions for product issues. Customers can also ask the private questions from store owners by ticking the private question option.

  •        Display FAQs on all the product pages
  •        FAQ form for customers to submit product questions
  •        Display frequently asked questions with their solutions
  •        WYSIWYG editor to add videos and images in answer
  •        Admin can approve, edit and delete the submitted questions
  •        Customers can like or dislike the answers

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

Online store owners can allow their customers to design the product they want to purchase before placing order. They can allow designing on various items like cap, cup, t-shirt, cards, and similar products. It enables canvas and drawing tools for product designing, so customers can customize the product easily. Customers can add text, images, clip art, barcode, and special effects on products. Store can charge fees for product customization which helps to enhance the revenue of e-store.

  •        Enable products for customization
  •        Canvas and drawing tools for product designing
  •        Allow designing for multiple products like cup, cap, t-shirt, etc.
  •        Customers can add text, images, clipart, barcode etc.
  •        Set customization fees for custom product designing
  •        Configure canvas such as width background color etc.

WooCommerce GEOIP Plugin

WooCommerce GeoIP plugin auto-detects the user IPs and allows store owners to block users by specific country or region. This plugin helps to in focusing targeted community and display only products which are meant for them. Store owners can create multiple rules for various countries and block specific products, categories, and whole store as well. It also enables to remove the restriction for some users by putting their IPs in the whitelist.

  •        Block users by country or region
  •        Hide products, categories, CMS pages or entire website
  •        Display a message to blocked users or redirect them to other URL
  •        Whitelist option to make IP exception
  •        Option to Import GEOIP database 

WooCommerce Manufacture Plugin

WooCommerce manufacturer plugin allows e-store owners to create product brands and enable brand shopping for customers. This plugin helps to attract the community of brand lovers and enhances the customers’ shopping experience. It also displays the brand's layered navigation on a shop page and users can see the products of any brand easily. This plugin also shows the brand thumbnails in an appealing slider to drag the attention of users.

  •        Create unlimited brands on the e-store
  •        It enables brands layered navigation and slider to display brand’s thumbnails
  •        Dedicated page to display all brand’s widget such as brand thumbnails and filter
  •        Each manufacturer has its own separate page
  •        Shortcodes to display brands slider and filter on any page

WooCommerce Customer Reviews Plugin

This is an advanced review plugin that enhances the functionality of built-in review and rating system on your WooCommerce e-store. WooCommerce customer reviews plugin enables the review and rating form on all the product pages, so customers can easily rate your product and share their thoughts about products by using this form. This plugin displays the average star ratings and ratings’ summery on a progress bar. Product ratings are also displayed in a Google snippet that helps to attract the searchers.

  •        Enables review and rating form on all the product pages
  •        Displays average star ratings and progress bar for ratings’ summary
  •        Shows ratings in Google search results
  •        You can approve and reply the reviews
  •        Users can vote up and down your comments

WooCommerce Flash Sale Plugin

WooCommerce sale flash plugin allows you to offer a discount on specific products with countdown timer box. You can create a fix or percentage discount on different products. And display a fantastic countdown box that shows time left for sale. You can upload banners that display product promotions by using WooCommerce sale flash plugin. Following are the key features of flash sale plugin.

  • You can display a sales banner on product and category pages.
  • 3 different type of countdown timer for flash sale.
  • Display flash sale top bar on your e-store.
  • Offer fixed or percentage discount on product and categories.

WooCommerce Products Bundle Plugin

WooCommerce bundle plugin increase the sales of products combinations and support customers to comeback looking for new deals. You can also set fixed price for a product bundle in WooCommerce bundle plugin. This plugin allows you to set the minimum and maximum quantity of products that customers can buy in bundle. The features of this plugin are.

  • You can create multiple product bundles.
  • Set fixed or product based pricing for a bundle.
  • You can display product mandatory or optional.
  • You can set quantity of each product to sell in bundle.
  • Add simple or variable product in bundle.

WooCommerce Appointments Plugin

WooCommerce booking appointment plugin enable appointments with respect to date and time. Admin can see bookings in appointment section or in google calendar. Arranging an appointment online takes much less effort.You can give customers the ability to cancel an appointment at any time. WooCommerce booking appointment plugin is suitable for Hotels, Doctors, online courses, and any type of booking.

  • You can enable appointments with respect to date and time.
  • Auto send email notifications to customers.
  • Display location on google map.
  • You can offer extra services – Free or Paid.
  • You can disable the appointments for specific days.
  • Admin and Staff see appointments on google calendar.


The addition of an extension or plugin is one of the easiest ways of increasing functionality of your online store. Magento and WooCommerce, both have an enormous collection of add-ons to help merchants, developers, web development agencies, and starters take benefit from.

This post also lists some of the valuable tools that empower you to add a feature, improve user experience, and maximize revenues with quick installation and configuration. You can try them and have the ease of managing an online business. 

Note: This is a guest post done by Extendons. Extendons is a leading WooCommerece and Magento extension provider which distinguishes itself with the top of the line quality and outstanding customer service. 

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