Attract Sponsorships with These 5 Irresistible Ways

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Categories: Marketing

Planning a successful event is never easy. There are multitudes of tasks that need to be managed and the slightest hitch can ruin the entire plan. Since most events are planned and advertised digitally nowadays, it stresses extreme importance on how they are handled online.

There is no easy way to get a hold of sponsorships. People are already fickly about investments and asking for sponsors is a huge leap of faith. Since sponsorship events are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations, their success if critical for operations.

With so much at stake, it is critical to have an effective module at hand such as PrestaShop Events Manager to handle these tasks. Following are 5 simple to appeal towards the taste of sponsors and get them interested in what you have to say and offer:

1. Know what the Sponsors are Looking for

Don’t jump blindly into the fray; do your homework. Know what the sponsors are looking for and design as they would want. They might be on the lookout for websites that can provide promotional privileges, appeal to audience or create brand loyalty through their sponsee.

All these demands make it even more important to have a functional module such as Event extension for PrestaShop in place to deal with all these requirements. With interactive web designs created to attract customers to explore, it promises higher ratings on search engines. Ticket bookings can be set for many products at once so they can all be linked to the same site at once. All these abilities attract sponsors who are looking for sponsees which can benefit their product or cause.

2. Send a big Message

One of the biggest of factors that sponsors are looking for is to get their product through. They will definitely choose a brand based on how well it can promote them. Sadly, many sites lack such aptitude and often end up failing their product.

With the usage of effective modules such as PrestaShop Events addon, all this can be achieved quite easily. It allows linking events through social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram which increases their promotion manifold.

Moreover, the events venue can be displayed in a simple yet precise manner on Google Maps through Presta Events extension. This allows potential customers to easily find venues and gain access to events.

Along with social media shares, meta information is the new way search engines evaluate how successful searches are. The Events module allows meta data configuration, permitting optimization of such minute yet critical factors as you please, boosting page and consequentially event ratings.

3. Its all about the Presentation

A messy outlay of the website will definitely put off any potential sponsors. Most sites present themselves in a haphazard manner which forces sponsors to search for alternatives.

Solve all these problems by implementing Presta Events Manager module which functions effectively as a manager for how you present your events. With a simplified back-end that allows event to be updated, it streamlines efficiency and how you deal with changing circumstances.

Image gallery allows you to post photos about the event. 43 percent sponsors claimed that having a site which permitted sharing photos about their product were most likely to win their sponsorship. With photos to promote event, PrestaShop Events module allows you to mould the event as per sponsor requirements.

4. Create Event Specifically for the Sponsor

Sponsors are looking for sponsees which can create events that are perfectly suited for their needs. A smartphone launching will require technically sound people with money to spend. An art exhibition will require audience which have taste in fine art and buying it isn’t that necessary.

Appealing to the audience and attracting them as per sponsor is the deciding factor for winning sponsorship. Event manager is designed to greatly help in that manner, with its ability to advertise event just as you would like it. With back-end options to detail event as you would like, you can be assured to draw the right audience for a successful event.

5. Target Multiple Sponsors

Don’t limit to just a few sponsors; work your way towards bigger fish. The more you try the more you get. However, sites nowadays compromise on quality of service when they try to achieve multiple sponsors.

Keeping your act together and presenting in a dignified manner is vital for gaining sponsor trust. With PrestaShop Event plugin at your disposal, you can be assured that you will snag their attention. Designed to handle multiple events in a synchronized and organized manner, it is built to sort events by the date with complete contact information regarding organizers to facilitate promotion from visitors.

Seize sponsors attention with Event Manager

Using the right module greatly benefits how you will fare in the aggressive competition to win sponsors. With a successful and highly rated module such as Events extension at your hands, you can easily get the sponsors you need to boost your business. With the capability to handle how you present yourself and promoting events from the sponsors point of view, it is an invaluable module to win sponsorships.