Top 4 Advantages of Using One Step Checkout in Ecommerce

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Categories: Marketing

Checkout is the process about which every e-merchant have to worry because this is the stage from where money comes towards you or away of you. It doesn’t matters for customers while shopping that how well your product, category or home page but the customers always care about the look, layout and navigation experience of checkout page.

Feeling the importance of checkout, I will guide you today to make your checkout simple and easy for quick shopping. When it comes to ecommerce website, most of the shopping carts offer 5 to 6 step checkout process, for example PrestaShop that is using 5 step checkout process.

Customers Behaviors Towards Checkout Process

Why not think about one step checkout process that basically accumulates the information of 5 pages on a single page? When it comes to comparing one step to 5 step checkout, we have to ask ourselves that whenever we have to shop something, how we behave. Definitely, our first priority will be to avoid complexity in checkout i.e. we needs simple and quick checkout.

This behavior can be proved from the findings of GetElastic according to which sales success rate through one step checkout process was 21.8% more than the multiple page checkout. Therefore, merchants have to head towards one step checkout.

One Page Checkout in Ecommerce

When it comes to PrestaShop ecommerce, almost every store is using one step checkout process. If you are still using conventional 5 step checkout, It is wise to make it simple by placing only the necessary information on a single page and if you want to ask something personal, set it as optional. Now customers find it’s really easy to checkout on your store.

Top advantages of One Page checkout

Below given are the top advantages of One Page checkout.

  • Fewer Mouse Click

While using One step checkout, customers have no need click multiple time to head toward the next step. That involves hassle free checkout with lesser time consumed.

  • Loading Time

Obviously, a multiple page checkout loads slowly as compared to one step checkout. Thus one page checkout helps to increase loading time of website.

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  • Hassle Free Checkout

When customers looks on 5 step checkout, they feel it really boring or tiring. Customers consider that this lengthy checkout is asking for unnecessary information. In one step checkout, customer will feel satisfaction that they will be able to checkout after filling a single form.

  • Less Abandoned Carts

Multiple checkout pages sometimes increases the abandoned cart rates as it requires more time to complete the process. The problem may be any like slow internet connection, power outage etc. You can decrease your abandoned cart rates using fast one page checkout.

  • Simple Navigation and AJAX functionality

One Step Checkout gives better navigation experience to the customers as they can see all the information on a single page with light scrolling. Moreover, it is easier to use AJAX for field validation of the customers.


When you are implementing one step checkout process, actually you are removing a big hindrance between the sales and customers. So use this feature fearlessly to get more sales.