Top 5 Tips for Successful Flash Sales Plan

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

In past, only a few store owners were interested to get tons of traffic through discount offers, but it has now become the basic part of business plan. Now merchants are more intelligent to think that if they get huge shoppers for a specific time period, their business will be stable in the future even without any discount offer.  It is true that most of the customers come back to visit the store, if they have bought something already in discount. Now merchants have given a new name to discount offer i.e. “Flash Sales”.

According to Reuters, during the year 2012, businesses grown twice for those merchants who used the flash sales offers as compared to those who don’t used this type of marketing.

In today’s article, we will explain that how flash sales leverages the business. At the end, I will give you some best tips to make a good strategy for flash sales in your ecommerce websites build in any shopping cart like PrestaShop, Magento etc.

How flash sales leverage the business?

How flash sales leverage the business?

Now a day, a flash sale is the hottest and successful marketing tool to engage more and more customers in your shop.  This type of offers is quite helpful to beat your strong competitors which generally need more time, money and other resources.

According to comScore reports, traffic doubled for top flash sales site Gilt Groupe in 2012. That’s why even the traditional style shopping stores are moving forward to private sales. It is a common practice to offer flash sales for some products and keeping the same rates for some other products. This type of strategy is quite fruitful from the prospective that customers may purchase those things that are not included in flash sales. So, flash sales can be a way to bring customers on your shop. After that, you get countless opportunities to sales your products and get potential benefits in the future like a consistent growth, increasing sales, stable business.


Useful Tools

It is easy to setup a flash sales system by using countdown PrestaShop Module by FME.


Successful Marketing Plan for Flash Sales

The result of flash sales depends on your flash sales plan. Be careful before launching flash sales because sometimes a poor plan may lead to loss instead of fruitful results.

Keeping the same in my mind, I will give you some best tips for making a successful flash sales plan.

  1.        Careful Market Analysis

First you need to do a careful market analyze that which products are suitable for flash sales. For example, if you offer a product in flash sales that is already available free of cost from your competitor store, then it means that you are doing nothing special. You must know that which products are hot enough to offer in flash sales. Also look at your competitors that which products are they offering in flash sales. You flash sales should be more effective than those.

  1.        Enough Inventory

Due to flash sales offers, your per day order can exceed abruptly, so keep in mind that you have enough inventory of those products for which you’re offering sales. Notification to the customers like” out of stock product” will create enormously poor effect on your store.

  1.        Easy Shopping Process for Flash Sales

As flash means fast, you have to really make the shopping process faster. For example, you can enable a guest checkout for flash sale customers or even make the checkout simpler. So that customers may take the buying decision quickly and do all jus in a sudden.

  1.        Better Product View

Your product view for flash sales should have better representation i.e. customer can look at the product and send it to his cart in no time. It is especially important when there flash sale offers is going to its end time and customers want to buy more in less time.

  1.        Fast Shipping Facility

When there are lot of orders placed abruptly, customers may suffer from poor quality of shipping services. So you have to make sure first that, you shipping service is too fast to delivers a lot of orders in a single day. This is important that poor shipping may lead of losing the potential customers.

Last but not least, merchants have to setup a proper system for flash sales. Especially the extended feature is to show a countdown timer with flash sales in colorful banner. You need to hire some expert PHP consultancy services to do this activity more professionally.