How to Showcase Your Brand Partners with PrestaShop Brands Slider Module

Posted On: Nov 3, 2023

Categories: Marketing , Prestashop SEO

Showing off your brand partners isn't just for looks but a smart move in the online shopping world. It's like saying, "Look, these guys trust us, so you can too!"

That's where the PrestaShop Brands Slider Module jumps in. it is like a fancy slideshow but for your brand partners.

Now, why is it important that much to show your partners?

When everyone's shouting for attention, your brand needs to shine bright. The PrestaShop Brands Slider Module is like a special stage where your brand friends get the entire spotlight.

It turns your regular Prestashop Brands Page into a visual treat to tell a story that clicks with your shoppers.

To wrap in a few words I would say that it is a digital red carpet for your brand partners where they make visitors not just look but stay and shop.

Therefore, today we will discuss how to show your brand partners with Prestashop brand slider module.

Keep reading and let’s discover it detail.

Introducing PrestaShop Brands Slider Module

Introducing the digital wizard in the e-commerce world called Prestashop Brands Slider Module.

It's not just a tool. You can think of it as the superhero cape for your brand representation that will make your online store a breeze for customers.

Features and benefits:

  • Shop By Brand: No more wandering through a digital maze. Customers can now navigate straight to what they want with this nifty feature.
  • Brands Logo Slider on Homepage: Imagine your homepage as a showcase. The Brands Logo Slider paints it with colors of trust and variety, giving customers a sneak peek at the brands you're rocking.
  • Brand's Logo on Product Page: It's not just about the product; it's about the brand story. The Brands Slider Module transforms your product pages into a gallery, proudly displaying the logos of your trusted brand partners.
  • List Products of Each Brand on Separate Page: For the savvy shoppers who love to dive deep, the Prestashop Brands Page is a curated collection. It's like having a dedicated space for each brand, making the shopping experience all about them.

It isn't just a module but a storyteller, a curator, a guide in your e-commerce journey. PrestaShop Brands Slider Module has got your back if you are ready to let your brands shine.

Setting Up Your PrestaShop Brands Slider

You can embark on the journey to unleash the potential of your online store with the PrestaShop Brands Slider Module.It is like setting sail on a digital odyssey.

Installing the PrestaShop Brands Slider Module:

  • Navigate to Module Manager: Begin your quest by logging into your PrestaShop backend. Head to the Module Manager where you can find your control center.
  • Upload the Module: With a swift click, upload the PrestaShop Brands Slider Module. It's like adding a secret weapon to your arsenal.
  • Activate the Module: Once uploaded, activate the module. The digital gears are now in motion.

Configuring Basic Settings:

  • Explore Module Configuration: Dive into the module settings. Tailor it to your liking—this is where the magic happens.
  • Optimize for Performance: Tweak the basic settings for optimal performance. It's not just about looks; it's about that seamless, glitch-free experience.

Customization Options:

  • Color Palette Mastery: Unleash your creativity by customizing the color palette. Match it with your store's branding—make it uniquely yours.
  • Logo Sizing Wizardry: Resize logos with finesse. Ensure they stand out without overshadowing other elements.

The PrestaShop Brands Slider Module isn't just a tool but a digital artisan that will mold your store into a visual masterpiece.

Showcasing Brand Partners Effectively

Let's make your online brand showcase a visual masterpiece! Here's your guide:

Choosing Good Pictures and Logos:

Go for clear and sharp images that show off your brand buddies in their best light. Logos should be crystal clear too. Keep a consistent look so it all fits together like a stylish puzzle.

Using the Slider Layout:

Imagine the slider layout as a dance floor. Arrange your images like dance moves, making a smooth visual performance. Play around with timing to get the transitions just right—like a well-coordinated dance routine that keeps eyes glued.

Showing Off Different Brands:

Think of your digital space like an art gallery. Feature a mix of brands, each one bringing its unique vibe. It's not just about having lots—it's about showing your audience a range of choices, building trust that you're the real deal.

In the world of visuals, every image and logo tells a story. Keep it clear, keep it coordinated, and let the variety of brands paint the picture of your awesome online space. Ready to turn your Prestashop Brands Page into a showstopper? Let's go!


And there you have it—the final note in our online adventure! The Prestashop Brands Page isn't just a space but a digital masterpiece.

From clear pictures to a smooth dance of logos on the slider, and the mix of different brands, it's like telling a story.

Each pixel and every brand logo is like a brushstroke, creating a tale of trust and creativity.

As we wrap it up, remember your online space isn't just a showcase. It is a canvas where the art of e-commerce storytelling comes to life.