New FME Private Sales Module for PrestaShop Offers the Benefits of Private Shop in One Go

Posted On: Sep 4, 2018

Getting started with a private shop? “FMEModules” has made your task easier with its new launch of PrestaShop Private Sales plug-in. This simple PrestaShop extension provides the full functionality of a private shop at an existing ecommerce site and it happens in just one go. Install the plug-in and start selling the products to your valued customers at super discounts! It gives the feeling of owning a full-fledge private sales shop because it works like that.

Main Features of the add-on:

  • Start selling to your privileged customers immediately

  • Set the timing for private sales

  • Get more leads with more customers logged in to view the private sales (however, you can limit the access)

  • Allow specific customers to subscribe for private sales

  • Allow group permissions in private sales

  • Display information about active and upcoming sales

  • Limit the count of private sales

  • Allow non logged in users to view sales and subscribe button

  • Manage the sales with ease from backend

  • Win over customers’ loyalty and offer rewards using these sales

How Much Beneficial FMM Private Sales extension Is For Ecommerce Stores?

FME private sales extension helps setting a private shop on an ecommerce website, offering the following advantages:

To Win Customer Loyalty!

As private sales involve offering brand products at matchless prices to the selected group of customers, so such an approach helps in retaining customers while winning over their loyalty. They will become the repeated customers of the business.

To Let The Customers Feel Privileged!

With a private shop, set up by using private sales module of “FMEModules”, let the customers realize how much privileged they are. As private sales are targeted for customers having their own account, so they feel not being part of the lot, but special ones. A big attraction for future sales increase!

To Sell the Old Stock

Private sales are offered at lower prices, so it’s easy to clear the old stock. The honored members might feel good to get the best, though old, stock at unbeatable prices.

A Cost Effective Approach to Increase the Client Base!

Private sales become viral easily and serve as a cost effective approach for business marketing. The sponsorships required for such sales improve the client base of the e store.

To Promote The Main Business!

As the timing for private sales is pre-determined and the chances are to have high site traffic for that time. Promoting other important products during that time can bring more interested customers.

Get FME’s PrestaShop private shop Module to create and run your small private shop instantly. Offer your valued customers the best reward through sales and win over their loyalties for example FME is offering 30% off on purchasing PrestaShop modules.

Privatesportshop: The Success Secrets of a Fully Dedicated Private Sales Shop!

Since its startup in March 2010 until 2012, Privatesportshop earned $9 million from private sales with 25000 orders processed every day. The website has more than 1 million registered members.

According to “Mr. Durand”, the co-founder of the website, there are 3 success secrets of Privatesportshop:

Marketing: The main objective of marketing at Privatesportshop is to attract new prospects and convert them into loyal buyers of the site.

Products/Suppliers: Building good relationships with the suppliers or partners is second important aspect so to get the products on time. There are above 500 partners of Privatesportshop. Picking the best products to offer in private sales is another thing to take care of.

Distribution: The stock remains just for few days, so the distribution should be made accordingly. Privatesportshop keeps stock for 7 days, offering 2-3 sales after 2 days.