Private Shop
Prestashop 1.7 Compatible

Private Shop

  • Set personalized offers
  • PrestaShop
    1.5.0 to 1.7.x

Create your own private shop and manage the sales of your products to a specific group of customers. Private Shop PrestaShop Module allows you to hide pages, particular products, specific product categories or specific CMS pages to the selected customers. 5 Star rated best Prestashop Private Shop module at

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The main idea of restricting products to specific people is not just to make them registered users, but to sell high-end products at very convincing rates to the customers. This is an effective strategy for gathering users first and then converting them into loyal buyers of your products.

This PrestaShop private shop module requires the customer to fill in a registration form that enables login for specific products, categories or CMS pages. The login form can be positioned on left, right or center with options to choose between the background image and background color.

Key Benefits

The retailer can basically control the entrance of incoming customers and give that privileged to specific customers for buying products that are only visible to them.

Selling Stocks

The private shop is an effective way to sell off unsold stock left out from previous catalogs and collections with a clever marketing touch. This helps the merchant to sell off the old stock to make room for new one.

Managing Private Customers

In order to limit the number of private customers the registration form for new customers can be disabled from the back end or better yet, the customer can be deleted from the PrestaShop private store group.

The information entered by the customer during registration can be viewed by the customer from the back office. The customers can be added and deleted for the access of specific products, whereas specific customer IPs can also be enabled/disable to access the store.

What Customers will Like

In most cases when the new stock hits the stores, it quickly becomes sold out. PrestaShop only for registered users Module offers limited access to the new stock hence only allowing private customers buy it.

What makes the customer tick is the private aspect of the Hide Shop PrestaShop module that sends a message of secrecy and privilege to the customer. Even if the customer is getting a better offer with a slight margin at another website, he/she will most like choose the private shop as it singles out the customer for special attention which every online user wants nowadays.

Key Features of Private Shop Module

Back Office:

  • Force customers to register so that they can access the shop
  • Auto-Approve New Customers 
  • Show a Youtube video as background on login or registration page
  • Allow google crawler to index your private shop so that it can rank 
  • Title of the login can be edited
  • Tile of the sign up can be edited
  • Position of the form can be changed (left, right, center)
  • New private registration can be enabled/disabled
  • Choose between the background image and background color on the front.
  • Selected parts, as well as the entire shop, can be privatized
  • Selected products can be privatized
  • Selected categories can be privatized
  • Selected CMS pages can be privatized
  • Your private shop can be accessed by specific IPs
  • All the private customers will be listed at the back end
  • View detail of each private customer.
  • Private customer’s details can be viewed
  • Delete a private customer
  • Admin can delete a private customer
  • PrestaShop store only for registered users


  • Shows the login form of private customer
  • Shows private registration (sign up) form of new users
  • YouTube video can be used as background

This PrestaShop hide shop module is compatible with multishop and pre-translated in different languages.

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Private Shop

Private Shop