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Pretty URLs

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    v1.6.x - v1.7.6.0

Pretty URLs is a PrestaShop Friendly URL module that removes auto generated ID from the URLs of product, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, CMS and all other pages of your store. Clean links are search friendly and an essential requirement for SEO. You will not lose your current search rankings as it 301 redirects old URLs to new ones.

  1.      Make URLs  Search Engine Friendly To Rank Higher
  2.      Adds 301 Redirection from Old URLs to New URLs to Avoid 404 errors
  3.      Duplicate URL report:  Fix duplicate URL issues arises due to IDs removal
  4.      Set Product URLs with or without categories in URL
  5.      Improves Search Engine Rankings
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Overview of Prestashop SEO Friendly URL Module:

This PrestaShop SEO URL module gives your website a clean URL structure by removing IDs from the product, categories, suppliers, manufacturers and CMS pages. This friendly URL PrestaShop module provides a report on duplicate and conflicting URLs for products and categories if there are, so that you can troubleshoot and correct easily.

This PrestaShop clean URL module will automatically apply ‘301 permanent redirection’  from old to new links to avoid 404 errors and to make sure everything is perfect for users as well as search engines.

SEO URL Guidelines from GOOGLE.COM

Key Features of Prestashop SEO URL Module

  • Language Specific-Personalized URL Routes
  • Aadvanced URL PrestaShop Supports multi-store configuration
  • Configure product URL routes with or with categories in URL
  • You can set the URLs to end with or without .html
  • Duplicate URL report
  • 301 redirection of all old links to new links

Key Benefits of PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs

In case you are suffering from the competition, where your rivals have better rankings and more traffic to captivate the clients, This is one of the must have tool to install.

  • Cleans your Shop URLs by removing IDs
  • Improves SEO
  • Auto apply 301 redirection to avoid 404 errors
  • This PrestaShop url rewriting module provides a report on duplicate and conflicting URLs for products and categories.
  • Compatibility fix for Stepping Pack module by NDK
  • Compatibility fix for PK AMP module
  • Fixed trailing slash issue for category,products URLs
  • Compatibility fix for upcoming PrestaShop


10 Tips for Structuring URLS to Rank Higher [Infographic]

Frequently Asked Questions (1)

  • The module creates category tree?

    Yes it does create category tree for products URLs.

Reviews & Ratings (23)

  • Super module

    Un petit problème lors de l'installation du module qui a été réparé par le support très rapidement. Merci beaucoup. Je recommande.


  • Nice module, good assistance

    Great module and company!
    I had some small issues with it on a multi-store environment, but FMEmodules fixed them fast.

  • Everything works fine.

    New module purchased and correctly installed in my new shop via support ticket.

    Everything works fine B)

  • funciona casi perfecto

    Instalaciones, funciona casi perfecto, estructuras paralelas a veces se pierden y necesitan regenerar el htaccess para volver al trabajo. Módulo gran y gran ayuda gracias

  • Fast and Efficient Technical Support

    It's amazing how fast FME Support resolved my issues with some of the modules URLs. After days searching on the Internet with no solution for my bugs they sort them out in less than one working day! More than happy!!

  • Me solventaron un problema de forma rápida y cómoda.

    Estoy muy contento con este módulo y con su equipo técnico, me solventaron un problema de forma rápida y cómoda.

  • Great and very prompt technical support

    Great and very prompt technical support.Excellent choice for a clean url module. Our organic visits are increasing every day. Thank you.

    Thanks guys.

    Diana Socaciu

  • It works great!

    It is very easy to install but in my case we had a problem with the server and both my provider and developer of the module were put to work to make it work. It works great. 100% recommended.

  • Great support

    I heve few issue with this module, but in few days all of them were fixed.Great comunication and support

  • Thanks for make it working

    The site is working fine now

    Thanks for make it working

    Peter Balk

  • Thank you, it seems to work properly!

    Hello FMM Team,

    Thank you, it seems to work properly!

    I will get back to you in case I face any further issues.

    Thanks for the support.
    Kind regards,

  • Excellent Support

    Ok perfect! Thank you for your excellent support!

  • Thank you very much

    I have few issues on my PrestaShop store, contacted support and Thank you guys I have seen that it is solved. You have fixed the static links on the homepage, so everything is OK.

  • Thank you very much, now it works perfectly

    Thank you and congratulations for the quick support.

  • Very good

    Very good module!
    I was worried about url of my shop and were well positioned on google, were not redirecting paras to the url "clean".
    Just missed adjustments, and were solved.

    I am well pleased

  • Support was Very Fast and Professional

    Hi all,

    Finally all issues had been fixed by the support team of pretty Url. The support was very fast and professional.


  • Works like a charm

    Great module works perfectly, you'll need to use the new category structure looks much better and actually makes more sense, prevents you from having duplicated categories / products with the same url.

  • Build new pretty URLs for your website

    Wow, its good experience to make my URLs pretty with this awesome module. It creates user and search engine friendly URLs for your websites. Pretty URLs is best practice for SEO and it has easy to redirected old to new

  • less control from BO for advance users

    I was concerned about the 404 errors on old urls and this module handled it very well by auto redirecting them

  • redirection is awesome

    I was concerned about the 404 errors on old urls and this module handled it very well by auto redirecting them

  • pretty one

    Thank you for educating me about the pretty URL and Google thing, it is working great for my store

  • less control from BO for advance users

    There is no configuration control on module, Just enable and run, for advance user there has to be something in their control. Hope the next version will take care of this.

  • Redirection feature is awesome!!!

    More than 2000 products in my store, manual redirection would have been a mess for me, Didn't have to contact support for it as well : )

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Pretty URLs

Pretty URLs